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Most beautiful flacon(s) in your collection?

Most beautiful flacon(s) in your collection? 11 years ago
What are the most beautiful perfume bottles in your collection? I would like to pose this lovely subject because today our fellow fragrantican as a nice birthday present, the scent was irresistible but the bottle blew me away. The crafted etchings of glass of this is a masterpiece it resemble an elegant bottle of bourbon from the deep south
of the rich plantation owners during the Antebellum era.

They took the time to craft this beauty. I just wish perfumes where still made like this. Enjoy.
11 years ago
I think my favourite is "natori"
the shape, colour...everything.
11 years ago
My favourite bottle is "Chanel No 5" and "Mulholland".
11 years ago
ok, so, I'm really not into perfume *bottles*, but hey, my "Les Notes Gourmandes - Si Do" bottle is really cute and shiny and special and I love it! Laughing
11 years ago
I really like the "Badgley Mischka" bottle

Also "Dirty English"

The refillable leather cylinder for "Amazone" is nice, too.

I don't have a favorite, I guess, but several are aesthetically pleasing to me...
11 years ago
I absolutely LOVE the old extrait bottles of Opium with the black tassle and the little "window".

Besides, I cherish my "Chanel no.5" extrait bottle and cannot open it as I do not want to damage/remove that pretty sealing.
I do not have it (yet) in my collection but I like the extrait bottles of Shalimar and Mitsouko by Guerlain.
11 years ago
I adore my mum's favourite/signature scent bottle "Christian Lacroix" a stunningly heavy glass shell bottle

I am definitely partial to heft! Thick glass bottoms.... yes!

11 years ago
I find my " L'Air de Nina Ricci" bottle very beautiful

Also the old Guerlain bottles are gorgeous "Mitsouko"

and my "Ma LIberte"
9 years ago
From my collection, I love my Penhaligon "Iris Prima", however, there are soo many that I don't have that I'd rate much higher than this one.
9 years ago
I would love to own a limited edition Serge Lutens bottle or bell jar one day. They are probably my favorite modern flacons.

9 years ago
I really like the bell jar. Sighhhhhhhhhhh
9 years ago
Can't really pick one!
I love L'Artisan flacons, esp the 3.4 oz ones, now there's heft.

Adore "Shalimar" and pretty much all Caron extraits: I'm honored to have "Narcisse Noir" extrait in my humble collection, and I'm pining for an old "Nuit de Noel" in her flapper attire.

On the other hand, Cristian Lacroix "Tumulte" is such a lovely xmas tree bauble, too bad the scent isn't really my cuppa.
9 years ago
I think there are so many beautiful perfume bottles out there! Really too many out there to name them all, but I'll list some of the ones in my collection.

I have a bottle of Niki de Saint Phalle EDP which looks exactly like this and it's absolutely gorgeous!

My other favorites: "Shalimar Parfum Initial" "John Galliano"
"Amouage Memoir" "Patchouli Intense" and I think this "celeb" scent has a surprisingly beautiful bottle: "Nicole".
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