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7 Deadly Sins (idea for a niche line)

7 Deadly Sins (idea for a niche line) 11 years ago
I thought about the seven deadly sins recently and didn't find a proper representation in perfumery, so I thought it would be great and nice to do something like this. Hopefully some designer will adapt this idea soon.

This is my idea for it (was inspired by the Magnum Ice Series from 2003, but not solely. htm

Kopf: Lime, Woodruff, Kiwi
Herz: Pistachio, Hazelnut, Lemonbalm
Basis: Sandalwood, Leaves, Mint

Kopf: Cream, Candy, Honey
Herz: Chocolate, Cottoncandy, Marzipan
Bais: Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon

Kopf: Strawberry, Apple, Cherry
Herz: Jasmine, Rose, Frangipani
Basis: Amber, Musk, Patchouli

Kopf: Peach, Plum, Raspberry
Herz: Sugarcane, Coconut, Cassia
Basis: Nutmeg, Tonkabean, Licorice

Kopf: Bitterorange, Pineapple, Bergamot
Herz: Cacao, Heliotrope, Almonds
Basis: Coffee, Star anise, Cedar

Kopf: Champagne, Gardenia, Mangostane
Herz: Tuberose, Mirabilis, Nightblooming Cereus
Basis: Palisander Rosewood, Spices, Pepper

Kopf: Bloodorange, Belladonna, Chili
Herz: Datura, Oleander, Cactusblossom
Basis: Benzoin, Frankincense, Vetiver

Not depending on the compatibility of the notes, this would be a great idea IMO. What about a patent of mine on that? Wink Thoughts?
11 years ago
I like it, Franfan! Have you smelled any of the Gendarme "7 Sinful Scents" series? I tried a few & thought they were pretty bad.

I guess it would be avaricious for me to say that I really want the Avarice one you listed - it sounds especially delicious.

As for gluttony, Aquolina Pink Sugar and Blue Sugar both make me feel like I ate too much candy and went on a rollercoaster... (Hmmm, where's the emoticon for "vomiting?")
11 years ago
Hey PBullFriend, glad you like it.
No I haven't. I saw that actually after I posted my thread in german, but you are right Gendarme doesn't sound very good, so I'm hoping someone will make similar scents one day (hopefully in the near future) with colorful flacons as in the picture I posted.

I would love Vanity the most Smile

As for vomiting, we don't have an icon on here, I guess we need more Emoticons.

Try "New Jersey" - maybe this will be the right amount of sugar for you Smile
11 years ago
Oh, my! New Jersey does NOT sound like something I want to try.

I hated the popcorn + sweet notes in Miss Dior Cherie. There's a store called Candyland near me that makes huge vats of caramel popcorn all day. They fan the scent out into the street, where people passing by suddenly find themselves with a desperate need for sweets!

It's good marketing, but I like to be able to walk away from that scent after a while, not live with it for a few hours! Shocked

When you read the ads for perfume, though, you see that it is really hard to come up with new ideas. I mean, how many perfumes are supposed to evoke Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Rio, Provence, Bali? Too many!

I appreciate it when a perfumer at least picks a new place for dedicating his perfume - like New Jersey, or Madagascar...
11 years ago
I have gendarme "rage" and it is faboo.
but it is very funny to imagine what notes would suite each sin
and I agree more emoticons. I feel a little handicapped without them
11 years ago
I Love your Intertratation of the Seven deadly Sins
11 years ago
well triplex I'm just not sure if those would appeal to me...

thank you Lola
10 years ago
I love your creativity! Given a customer choice, I would buy VANITY & WRATH! Very Happy
10 years ago
I'll take one in Gluttony please. Smile
10 years ago
I'll take the Lust, hold the fruit.
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