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Steer me to some excellent review blogs

Steer me to some excellent review blogs 11 years ago
I have a blog dedicated to linking other blogs I find noteworthy. It is here

Naturally, I only have a bead on some of them and I'm quite certain all you other, astute fragrance hounds know of some that I don't. Very Happy

It's a good way of exposing good information that may otherwise go unnoticed.
Off the top of my rss to email translator 11 years ago
11 years ago
Thank you. Cool I'll check them out and add some of them.
11 years ago
What about some very good, non english blogs?
11 years ago
Thanks so much, Aromi! I think you & aoe nailed all my favorites except this one:

Here's another perfume aggregator - it does have a couple of additional things:
11 years ago
Great idea, Aromi!

I have a couple of suggestions:

Memory of Scent:
Nero Profumo:
There are lots of good interviews at Ca Fleure Bon:
11 years ago
Here's another suggestion:

11 years ago
Thanks folks ! Very Happy I'm adding them as I go.
A french one. 11 years ago
Well, of course Wink !

Let's be serious now:

This is a very special site for me: it ignited my passion for perfume. Here's how: another joy of mine is wine, and well written tasting notes are a pleasure to read for me. I was astounded to realise that perfume notes are equally enjoyable to read when I found this french site. After reading it all, I started looking for samples, spending time at the perfumery and ordering precious "jus". And so I became a perfurmista.

My journey in wine was from the glas to the word; in perfume it was the exact contrary: from the word to the scent.
Another french site I read:
11 years ago
Wow, thanks, Sillage! I had never heard of these!
11 years ago
11 years ago
Thanks you folks ! Very Happy
Thank you, Aromi! 11 years ago
First, I would like to thank you, Aromi, for putting together this excellent resource. It is soooooooo helpful for those of us who are too busy to click on every single URL but would like to know when new posts have come up.

Here's another suggestion for your list:
I'd also like to ask you to consider linking from Review Nation as well. Over time, lots of people are going to discover Review Nation and with a link to Parfumo, they would be able to discover Parfumo as well. What do you think?

11 years ago
Some of my favorite reviews are here:
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