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Suggestions: fragrances with berries for men?

Suggestions: fragrances with berries for men? 9 years ago
The past years, quite a few perfumes with berries have been launched: "Sì (Eau de Parfum)", "Manifesto", "Enchanted Forest".

I like black currant and blueberries. Blackberries too probably, but not raspberries or redcurrant/red berries.

Do you have any suggestions for fragrances with berries for men? Or unisex?

(if you have to mention a really good female fragrance, go ahead Smile )
Re: fragrances with berries for men? 9 years ago
I am also looking for masculine berry frags.... especially blackberry, but I also like black cherry.
9 years ago
Well, I think, that "Mure et Musc" by l´Artisan is perfectly unisex.
9 years ago
I've never smelled this on a man, but I bet it would smell great. The black cherry with the glycyrrhiza (natural licorice) is kind of smoky/rooty but with a nice dark fruity note: ck

The nose who did it, Christine Nagel, certainly has experience with men's scents (she did A*Men Pure Coffee, B*Men, and Memoire d'Homme).
9 years ago
Black cherry with licorice? Sounds wonderful.
9 years ago
"Trayee" is a beautiful fragrance that has a prominent blackcurrant note.

Regarding masculines with a blackcurrant vibe, "Silver Mountain Water" and "Mefisto" come to mind. Too bad raspberry is a no-go, otherwise I would suggest "Tuscan leather", which smells red-berryish to my nose.
Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk 9 years ago
I can't say I actually smell the cherries, so this may not be what you're looking for at all. But I find it a wonderful musk.
9 years ago
I like Aventus, Cerruti's 1881 pour Homme and Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan. They all have black currant.

p.s. Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage has blackberries.
9 years ago
I would suggest
- "Carthusia Uomo", aquatic berries
- "Santiago Huckleberry" - that is an extreme blueberry, really awesome and special.
9 years ago
Though I don't have a sample and can't report, I notice Montale's Ginger Musk has both black and red berries and black currant, too.
9 years ago
Thanks guys Smile
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