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LUSH UK vs US, US is getting no love!

LUSH UK vs US, US is getting no love! 9 years ago
Soo, I somehow ended up on the LUSH UK site and WHOA! Half the stuff outta stock or "discontinued" on the US site is still available in the UK. What gives? I have spent an obscene amounts of $$ on ebay for stuff not on the US site and all this time I could have ordered from the UK?

I have a bid on Smell of Weather Turning. It's too high for me to want to admit here. /cry I wish I had discovered this a few hours ago. I mean look at this UK site... there is Dear John, Smell of Weather Turning, Devil's Nightcap, and so very many more. Kurbside Violet! Sigh...

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9 years ago
How nice that you started a Lush topic. Welcome to the forum, Briarthorn!

I didn't know that the UK site shipped overseas. What a pity you paid all those high ebay prices! I wasn't impressed by Dear John, by the way, but I did think that Weather Turning was really unique.

The last few years I haven't checked Lush because I was into other fragrance genres. But could you tell me: what are your favourites from 2014 and 2013?
9 years ago
The Lush UK site states that they ship to the US but that it's "subject to custom's clearance". I want to ask around to see if anyone State Side has had any issues with this before I order. Maybe I can find someone traveling there to bring me something back...

I'm not sure what year the different scents were put out, but I think most of the ones I tried were from 2010 and 2011, when they were more readily available here in the States.

Orange blossom was too sharp and white. I didn't care for it. I didn't like Karma either, I can't find my review notes and I think I gave my sample away, so I can't tell you why exactly I didn't like it, sorry. I am a big fan of the freshly picked and bruised mint with that beautiful dry grass earthiness in The smell of Weather Turning. I think I like Dirty for many of the same reasons that I like the smell of Weather Turning, the mint the earthiness, but there is also an herbal sweetness from the tarragon and thyme that I thought made it different enough from The Smell of Weather Turning that I would like to own both. Lust is one that I am indifferent about the opening but the heart sings on my skin. The rose and ylang-ylang in this one are so beautiful. I think this is the first Lush scent I bought the full bottle of. The Smell of Freedom was a kind of generic woodsy opening, but I really like it. There was an incense quality here as well that was balanced by a really nice lemongrass zing. The dry down for me had a bit of sweet neroli and jasmine. It was really pretty. Furze I tried for the first time yesterday. It was so soft on my skin I had a difficult time finding it. When I caught just light snatches of it I got the impression of playdough. But when I sniffed my skin directly it was a really pretty vanilla and coconut scent. I think I need to decant this one into an atomizer for a better idea of how it smells. I also tried the Tuca Tuca for the first time last night, sorta. I received it in the mail and almost 2/3 of it leaked out, so It was all over me when I unpacked it. It was a sweet jammy violet. Very much violet but not candied like Chowards, it was more like a baked good. It was a very unique violet to add to my collection and I am pretty bummed out that I have so little to enjoy. I had been chasing this dragon for some time. I also received my Imogen Rose last night but I haven't taken it for a spin yet.

Overall, I am consistently impressed with the quality of the Lush scents. They always have great longevity and normally there is an interesting evolution on the skin. The projection/sillage of them tends to be NUCLEAR. This could be great for some people, disastrous for others who are heavy handed.
9 years ago
I loved Karma! It's got that patchouli, orange, lemongrass thing going which I love. The only problem is that whenever I wear it, I get complaints. Most people don't like it and I once wore it to work ( big mistake) and one lady complained about me:-((( Overall, I adore it but have been dabbling into other niche perfumeries like BPAL and Siberie Perfumes. I bought mine on etsy but I think they have individual sites.
9 years ago
Lush is definitely a very LOUD house with really big projection. It's so difficult to not over spray. One time I put on one spray of Lust less than 30 min before entering work. It did not go well...
9 years ago
It´s been a long time since I last bought one of their soaps but recently I came across some comments on their perfumes which caught my interest.
Yesterday I visited their store and took a sniff or two....or three Smile

Well, I liked "Kerbside Violet" and "All good things" enough to bring a 10ml spray of each home.

The violet is mixed with a big amount of iris, nice and earthy. Romantic but also somewhat gothic (I like all things gothic), like a steampunk flower juice Smile To be frank : it´s a killer violet. One of the sort that even experienced niche houses could not produce so to my knowledge at least.

And "All good things" is close to unwearable but somewhat wearable nonetheless. It reminded me a lot of very expensive oud scents that sell for big bucks but are of no better quality than this one......It´s a contrast of sickly sweet rose and wood combined with bitter almond extract and burnt sugar and the perfume constantly switches between the two. Sweet. Bitter. Sweet. Bitter. It´s like an olfactory rollercoaster. Very interesting stuff and yes, pretty weird . If you have ever poked out your nose while being at a gas station ? I have and there is something in there that reminds me of such moments Smile I know I am a weirdo Smile

They also had a citrussy scent called "Sun" which I will keep on my radar for the summer days.

And yes, I fully agree : one spray is enough.
9 years ago
Thanks, PontNeuf for the great descriptions. I DEFINATELY want to get my hands on a bottle of Kerbside Violet now.

I need to find someone traveling to the states from the UK So I can give them a big order to toss in their suitcase. Boom all those dang shipping issues avoided. Then they can just mail the box from wherever they are in the states and PooF! I gots me some....
9 years ago
Any chance you will be reviewing the new "Uptown Funk" from Lush?
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