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Venturing into niche/artisan perfumes

Venturing into niche/artisan perfumes 8 years ago
I have always been a Chloe girl but recently started venturing into niche perfumes such as BPAL and Siberie Perfumes (on Etsy). My latest fragrance purchases were BPAL ( Jack) which was lovely and sweet but had a lingering note of popcorn (I think) which would not wear down! The next 2 were Contessa and Boleyn by Siberie Perfumes. I thought I might step outside of my box as I usually tend to go with fresh clean scents and purchase these gourmand goodies. Contessa was my favourite, it was the perfect spiced vanilla which lasted about 8 hours on me. Boleyn was a little more interesting and decadent if you like cocoa, caramel etc. The Labdanum/Myrrh stood out to me on the dry down. My next purchases will be Potion D'Amour by Siberie and Half Elf by BPAL.
8 years ago
You may also really like some of the Al Rehab offerings (eBay, Amazon). They are pretty good quality and very affordable. I've only ever tried their oils and I've been pretty happy with all of them.
Another Niche Girl, Here! 8 years ago
I just spent the afternoon browsing at my favorite Niche Shop- I can whole heartedly recommend Illuminum, Santa Maria Novella, Serge Lutens, Byredo and Ava Luxe brands. They are all intriguing and unique. Enjoy!
8 years ago
I haven't encountered Bpal or Siberie yet. My favourite niche houses are Maison Francis Kurkdjian and IL Profvmo. - Lush is also a favourite of mine, I consider them artisanal perfumes because they´re so unconventional. I´d also like to try another one by Kerosene, he started as a fragrance reviewer but he has been making perfumes for some years now.

@ Flavorite: Interesting that you recommend Illuminum, because what I heard on forums was that it was a bit "meh". So why do you like them so much? Which are the best ones?
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