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Men's favorites 11 years ago
What men's perfume do you like the most?

Are there trends? Or common dislikes?

What do you like to smell on a man?

I adore "1869 Acca Kappa" on my husband Very Happy
11 years ago
Common dislikes LaughingRolling EyesConfused

"Le male"
"1 million"
11 years ago
Great likes (both for myself and on men) :

- Dior Homme + Intense
- Strictly Private / Baldessarini
- Santos / Cartier
- Pure Malt + Pure Havane / Thierry Mugler
- Cruel Intentions / Kilian
- Infusion d´homme / Prada
- Black Aoud / Montale
- Original Aouds / Montale
- Fumerie Turque / Serge Lutens
- Cuir Mauresque / Serge Lutens

Dislikes :

- Aoud Cuir d´Arabie / Montale
11 years ago
My all time favorites are :

Patou Pour Homme
Aigner Super Fragrance for Men
Vintage Antaeus
Aigner No.1
Balenciaga Pour Homme
11 years ago
My current favourites are:

- "Chamade Homme"
- "Arsène Lupin"
- "L'Homme Sage" by Divine
- "Arooq Al Oud"
- "Vetiver de Frédéric"
- "Rodier pour Homme"
- "Aventure"
- "Homme Pininfarina Collector"
- "XPEC Original"
- "Acqua da Toeletta"
- "Millesimé"
11 years ago
Just a few of my personal favorites:

"Amber Absolute"
"Cuir Mauresque"
"Tea for Two"
"C for Men"
11 years ago
I love to smell these on a man:

"Terre d'Hermès"
"Boss Bottled"
"Au Masculin" by L Lempicka
"Eloge du Traitre"
11 years ago
Some masculines/unisex, some of which I love for myself, but that I would also love to smell on a guy:

"Bel Ami"
"Arsène Lupin"
"Chamade Homme"
"Taste of Heaven"
"L'Air du désert marocain"
"Eau Sauvage"
etc. etc.
11 years ago
"Idole de Lubin"
"Epic Man"
"A Taste of Heaven"
11 years ago
"Idole de Lubin"
"Epic Man"
"A Taste of Heaven:cfed32f59b]

Nice choices !
11 years ago

Dunhill Blend 30
Dunhill for Men (1934)
Paco Rabanne pour Homme
Azzaro pour Homme
Patou pour Homme
Amouage Gold Men
Gucci pour Homme (Original)
Davidoff (Original)
Athunis - Sigilli
Givenchy Vetyver
11 years ago
Nice choices !

11 years ago
My current favs:

"Body Kouros"
"Kouros Cologne Sport"
"Trussardi Uomo"
"Fleur du Male"
"Dior Homme Intense"
Re: Men's favorites 11 years ago
What men's perfume do you like the most?

... right now:

"Memoir Man"
"Geranium pour Monsieur"
"New York"
"Nicolaï pour Homme"
"Vetiver" Guerlain, the current version
"Eau Sauvage" preferably vintage
"Cuir de Russie" Chanel, not really a men´s perfume, but who cares...
"Sycomore" ditto
"1740 - Marquis de Sade"
"Grey Flannel"
"Lauder for Men"
"Jubilation XXV"
"Puredistance M"
"XPEC Original"
"Pour Monsieur"
11 years ago
My current faves

Bvlgari Black, it is marketed as unisex.
11 years ago
My Beloveds

Aus Liebe zum Duft No 1
DeMarco Oriflame
Azzaro pour Homme
Terre d'Hermes
Bel Ami Hermes
M7 Yves Saint Laurent
La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent
Brut Faberge for men
Halston Z14 Halston
Lauder for Men Estée Lauder
Polo Ralph Lauren
Cool Water Davidoff for men
Obsession for Men
Aramis Aramis for men
Quorum Antonio Puig
Habit Rouge Guerlain
Drakkar Noir
Old Spice Original
11 years ago
thank you for you sharing! Very Happy
11 years ago
Do not care for the gender too much, therefore:
"Pour Monsieur"
"Après L'ondée"
"Mouchoir de Monsieur"
"Vetiver", Guerlain
"Eau Sauvage"
"New York"
"Nicolaï pour Homme"
"Or Black"
"Cuir de Russie", Chanel
"Sycomore", Chanel
11 years ago
My favourite the perfume is the one i am wearing. Everyday i have a favourite perfume Very Happy
11 years ago
I think you should consider : Hugo Boss,Bvlgari Black,Azzaro,or Aventus by Creed.Poison by Dior is also notable.Good luck.
10 years ago
The perfume that I like the most is A%F fierce and Bvlgari Avua. Luckily found those two at a discount fragrances store.
10 years ago
My current Top 10 (+1)

1)Portrait of a Lady (EdP Frédéric Malle)- very wearable by Men
2)Giorgio for Men vintage/VIP for Men (Giorgio Beverly Hills)
3)Dia Man vintage edt (Amouage)
4)Les Nombres d'Or Vetyver (Mona di Orio) - tie
4)Lalfeorosa (O'driù) - tie
6)Tzora by Anat Fritz
7)Turtle Vetiver Front (LesNez) - tie
7)Patou pour Homme Privé (Jean Patou) - tie
9)X for Men (Clive Christian) - tie
9)Monsieur de Givenchy vintage (Givenchy) - tie
9)Linfedele Haiku (O'driù) - tie

I tend to generally dislike sweet and powdery scents.

I love powerhouse scents primarily (despite only a couple being in my Top 10).
My Current Fav 10 10 years ago
In no particular odor (ha ha):

Aoto (Lostmarch`)
Rive Gauche (YSL)
Fahrenheit (Dior)
Stetson Black (Coty)
Antikythera Mechanism (BPL)
Passage De Enfer (L'Artisan)
Tintagel (BPL)
Paco Rabanne pour Homme (PR)
Memoir Man (Amouge)
Polo Explorer (Ralph Lauren)
10 years ago
favourite for examp.:
Guerlain - Vetiver, Coriolan, Heritage
YSL - Kouros, M7 fresh, Pour Homme
Il Profumo - Vetiver de Java
Creed - Aventus, GIT
Lagerfeld - Photo (not reformulated)
Hermes - Terre
Gucci - Pour homme
Chanel - Anteus, Platinum Egoiste

I have benn quite disappointed recently from:
Oscar della renta - Pour Lui
Boucheron - Pour homme
Lalique - Hommage a l´homme
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