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So many great vetivers...

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10 years ago
Pity about the expectations and missing beauty;
... money... screw them money, you will have so much more.
Re: Guerlain vintage 10 years ago
I could not resist!

I spent 260 € on a 200 ml splash bottle of Guerlain's vintage Vetiver EdT on ebay.

As I could have forseen, it is quite rotten. I get a slight whiff of the old Vetiver during the first seconds after application, then some spice and leather take over with vetiver notes stepping aside. After an hour or so, some Vetiver comes back, but something else is missing, maybe the mossy side it once had? The vibe of the vintage does not fully break through, and longevity is reduced to about 3 hours,

A nice bottle for the shelf, though.

Apicius, I like your, "Oh well..." attitude about your purchase Very Happy That's one big bottle, isn't it!
10 years ago
CDG Vettiveru
10 years ago
I am a vetiver junky.

I can group them in two - the true vetivers and the ones with vetiver - like aromachemical notes.

As far as my olfative exeprience goes, among the first ones I would include Guerlain (vintage and actual ones), Carven (vintage), Lanvin (disc.), Givenchy (disc.), R&G (disc.).

The second group would include Sycomore, Encre Noir, Zara Vetiver, Zara Vetiver Intense, Adolfo Dominguez and Mugler Cologne. .

Among them all, the ones I consider the bests are the Guerlains and the Carven. The second ones are good, but not so true to what the oil is like.
10 years ago
I like "Fat Electrician", it's similar to Encre Noir.
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9 years ago
I am not familiar with Annick Goutal's Vetiver but good things are said. I bought a bottle (on one of those daily specials) of Lalique's Hommage a L'Homme. It's nice with the violet leaf coming through strongly after half an hour or so. Bought for husband, I could wear it but the vetiver is quite powerful
6 years ago
Don't think anyone's mentioned Tom Ford's ~Grey Vetiver~. At least then I can get to be the first! Venturing to get this, despite its not seeming particularly good on cardboard in shop, I've actually found it phænomenal, wearing it.

Venturing a bit upmarket, I also strongly recommend ~Zizan~ by Ormonde Jayne. This choice of mine was the polar opposite of it, in that having decided to get one of the (IMO thoroughly excellent) OJ fragrances, I eventually decided, after borderline-forensic deliberation, to go for it. A strange thing about this fragrance is that, although it is lovely, it is ^not^ well-inegrated: to my mind it is like a dry-stone-wall in a sheep-farming region - but a dry-stone-wall made of pices of flawless stone. And I do quite like dry-stone walls! Somehow, it gets away with not being well-integrated. Another used the figure of a °rugby-match° of notes; but unlike me, that reviewer did not like it on the whole.

And venturing ^a lot^ downmarket, there is ~Zidan~ by Al Rehab. No! I am ^not^ joking! This is ^^most phænomblial^^ value-for-minlet! This is one of those that pitch me into a crisis about having ever bought any high-end or even normally-priced 'fume atall! However, when I go back to them, it does become clear. But the diminishing-returns curve ^is very^ steep!

Funny how a 'fume with vetiver in becomes a ^vetiver^ perfume so readily, maugre its being a subtle note. You don't particularly get ^ylang-ylang^ perfumes, or ^bergamot^ perfumes; and these notes are not subtle!

But beheld fræ another angle, it's not ^very^ surprising. Vetiver is an outstanding example, perhaps even the prototype, of the paradox of a note that ^almost^ doesn't smell of anything , and is yet wondrously distinctive & compelling.
5 years ago
Try this one out. "Pays Dogon". The habiscus adds an interesting twist to this wonderful fragrance.
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