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Best masculine rose fragrance

Best masculine rose fragrance 5 years ago
Pick up top 3 fragrances that has dominant rose note in them. For me it'd be
1. Amouage Lyric Man
2. YSL L'homme Ultime
3. Acteur by Azzaro
5 years ago
I'm a bit sketchy on attaching gender tags to fragrance but am happy share three of my (many) favourite rose-centred fragrances.
Before I do, however, how do you define a masculine rose?
For favourite rose fragrances you may otherwise find a lot of suggestions it this preceding thread on the subject.
-"Portrait of a Lady"
-"No. 08 - Une Rose Chyprée"
-"Lyric Man"
5 years ago
I'm with Mia on this one.

No. 08 - Une Rose Chyprée
5 years ago
A masculine rose for me would be something that's not light, bit heavy and a bit sweeter. It should not smell like a old lady and neither does it have a feminine vibe. It should be composed with other notes that are targetted more towards men than women because rose on its own will never be a safe option.
5 years ago
Thanks for your clarification, Shetthy! Still think it’s an arbitrary label but appreciate your input. Hope lots of suggestions will follow.
For the time being enjoy Wafts from The Loft on roses. Smile
Best Masculine Rose 5 years ago
The absolute best, in my opinion, is Habit Rouge. Hands down! It smells like HEAVEN!
5 years ago
Habit Rouge features rose? Shocked You must have a fine nose, 11Mic22hael.
5 years ago
"rose en noir"
How much rose do you want because the rose dominates in this one, it's quite a dark rose with a bit of violet leaf and is accompanied by tobacco and black pepper, a little coriander and patchouli, I also detect a black assam tea note. Definitely unisex and I'd love to smell it on a man. It gets mixed reviews but I love it. Discontinued now but you can often find it on Ebay.
5 years ago
a really ell blended fragrance bit very cheap with a masculine combination of ROSE and very versatile OUD is Armaf shades Wood
a hidden GEm ever.
5 years ago
I would like to include Diptyque Eau Rose, Le Labo Rose 31 and Kilian Rose Oud. These are the best for me.I get a lot of compliments when I wear them. They are the most attractive fragrance. Mostly I ordered from online stores like * link removed by moderator *
For sensitive & strong man 4 years ago
When I think of rose for a man, I think of Tom Ford Noir De Noir (and it's clone - Armaf Club De Nuit Intense for women) for the sheer mysteriousness and darkness that it brings, symbolizes character in a man. There are definitely more options which are more manly but this just is deeper than most.
Keep smelling wonderful!
3 years ago
What about Jaipur by Boucheron?Nice rose scent,isn’t it?
3 years ago
my 3 current favourite roses from my wardrobe...

Calligraphy Rose - Aramis
Lumiere Noire Pour Homme - MFK
Ambre Nuit - Dior
3 years ago
Hey there!

In my opinion here are the top mens rose fragrances!

Portrait of a Lady by FM (a great alternative to that is Floral Sculpture from Al Haramain's Portfolio line)
Santal Royal by @Guerlain
Lumiere Noire Pour Homme from @MFK
3 years ago
I'm new here.

My favorite men's rose scents are: Lyric Homme Amouage, Iquitos Alain Delon (sadly discontinued), and Rose Poivree The Different Company (another sadly discontinued scent).
3 years ago
Like others before have mentioned I second Lumiere Noire from MFK. I'd also like to add Rose 31 from Le Labo and Kazimi from HoM.
Eau Capitale from Diptyque seemed nice but I would have to give it a couple more tries.
3 years ago
I love rose on a man, especially when paired with oud and/or patchoui.
Lumière Noire MFK +1
Portrait of a Lady by Malle +1 It works better on a man imo.
Tribute by Amouage (hard to find but worth it)
Al Quds by Al Haramain
3 years ago
HoM Kazimi - a bitter, wild ambergris-rose that runs deep green on my skin.
Malle Portrait of a Lady - rose smashed into place by camphor, a roar of incense, smoke, patchouli, and a woody-aftershavey Ambroxan drydown that lasts forever.
MFK Lumiere Noire - a orangey, rosy musk with a discreetly silky texture and green, fresh accents.
Histoires de Parfums 1876 - a dry rose musk with heaps of herbs, aromatics, and dry-as-a-bone woods, very Victorian male grooming atmosphere
Eau d'Italie Paestum Rose - light rose and blackcurrant over dry cedar and incense. Very transparent yet somehow dark and Gothic in feel.
By Killian Rose Oud - delicate saffron-oud-rose that reads as firmly unisex to my nose.
Amouage Opus X - varnishy, bloody rose-geranium-rose oxide, biting and metallic
ELDO Eau de Protection - similar to the above, but came first.
3 years ago
+1 ambre nuit
2 years ago
1. Portrait of a Lady
2. Chanel Egoïste (less prominent, but it's there!)
3. Montale Black Aoud - Dark manly rose, and killer performance
2 years ago
"Oud Ispahan" anybody?
"Ambre Nuit"
"Santal Noir"
"Portrait of a Lady"
"Incense rose"
2 years ago
Portrait of a Lady
Lyric Man
New York Oud
Rose 2 years ago

Al Haramain - Royal Rose

Xerjoff 2 years ago

Alexandria II

1 year ago

1876 by Histoires de Parfum

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