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Tauer Reformulations?

Tauer Reformulations? 4 months ago 1

Has anyone heard of any reformulation on tauer fragrances from 2021 - 2022 ?

I recently got a new bottle of Au Coeur but it seems rather weak compared to my decants i had previously from 2019 batches.

Not only that it's weaker it smells a bit off in the opening, very vegetable, then turns siruppy, and it's kinda too sweet in the drydown, it has the l ' air DNA but is absolutely not dry at all, it's very sweet and the performance is total garbage, after 3 hours it is a skin scent.

I heard some people complain about l'air du desert latest batches but i don't know if it's confirmed, i emailed Andy to ask about the batches or reformulations but he never answered.

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