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How to remove perfume?

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10 years ago
I'm going to try mineral oil, since Cryptic said it works like a charm. Hadn't even thought of that.

I've been using baking soda mixed with hand soap or dish soap. I let it stay on my skin for 30 seconds or so, and I would say it gets rid of at least 85% of the fragrance, which is usually enough since most of mine go on like gangbusters, drowning out the 15% remnant.
10 years ago
You might want to stick with your current fix, Dulce. That's exactly what we bust out (plus some hydrogen peroxide) whenever one of our dogs gets skunked. Mineral oil has the advantage of being quick and easy, though.
10 years ago
This entire thread reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld trying 10 different things to get the mysterious car BO out of her hair! Laughing
4 years ago

I always use dr bronners soap to remove. Its oil based.

Greetings Daniël
4 years ago
For me I scrub with unscented bodylotion and then wash With soap and water. Sometimes I use alcohol.
I agree but in Step 4 I use a scented Body cream. 3 years ago
I've started using this technique which works 90% of the time unless the fragrance is truly malicious.
1. Rub unscented aluminum containing antiperspirant over the scented skin. Wait 5 five minutes.
2. Rub the area thoroughly with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or Ethanol (Vodka).Allow to air dry for a minute.
3. Now wash the area with warm water and dish soap solution. Soaking area if possible for a couple of minutes in warm water.
4. Dry area and if any trace of the offending scent remains then apply a scented lotion or a different more appealing scent over the area.

But if someone could invent an instant fragrance neutralizer spray/wipe...I would buy it by the case, for sure!
2 years ago

Thanks for the tips! 😄

2 years ago

For me soaking the area in oil for a couple of minutes, and then remove with soap and warm water works good. If the perfume is highly persistent I dab a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and wipe the area after the procedure.

2 years ago
I just cover it with some oily or heavy works 😃(and of course dont apply new layer of parfumes)
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