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Suggest a warm oud/oriental/balsamic?

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9 years ago
I think I'll go with the shared space. I'd just have to find some businesses to pair up with that share an aesthetic. Assuming, that is, this idea gets anywhere beyond conceptual. Embarassed
9 years ago
Maybe someone who loves 2nd hand soaps? Very Happy

More seriously, there are those shops with retro clothing. Wouldn't that be a good fit?
9 years ago
It would, it would. I imagine I'd attract a lot of walk-ins just from their part of the store. Hmmmm... I need to give this more time and heart, I shouldn't just let it slip away as another unused idea. I'm actually already planning to sell my contrabass to a friend in a month or so, I should put all that money aside and use it as seed money... do some sniffing around for good second hand deals on eBay and the like. There are some times I see great deals for second hand perfumes but I don't act on them because they're not really my type of scent... now I have a great excuse! And if it doesn't go well I can always resell them slowly over time through eBay. I can't see a big loss here.

And then all of the Melbourne perfumistas I know will have to come visit! Razz
9 years ago
For less of a financial commitment on the store space, what about becoming a vendor at a weekly or monthly flea market? You just pay to use a stall, that's it. Do you have those in Melbourne? (In my part of the world the weather permits outdoor flea markets all year round.) That way you could start small and test the waters without making a commitment.

By the way, many flea market vendors are very sophisticated in how they run their business, they have websites or otherwise use the internet to attract customers.

And flea markets have built-in foot traffic. No waiting around for customers to enter your space, they're already in your space! Smile
9 years ago
First "Oud Royal" by Armani comes into my mind when reading what you are looking for.
Or some of the Micallef aouds, Aoud Gourmet, i.e.
9 years ago
Hmmm, I don't know. Hauling a heap of perfumes back and forth from markets would be pretty risky for the bottles, not to mention that almost all markets here are outdoors and sun damage would be an issue. Even if they were carefully boxed I would worry about heat damage and the like.
That said, if I were to base it in a store shared with another I could still set up a small stall in a market that sells only samples attached to business cards as a way of advertising. Then if people want the perfume they can come to the store itself.

And thank you for the suggestion PontNeuf, this looks amazing. I'll have to read up on some reviews.
Edit: Oh, I just checked the price. I should have known with such a stately bottle the damage would be high. Evil, evil PontNeuf! Wink
*goes back to salivating over Oud Royal*
9 years ago
@Scarletting : No bad intentions here, only the very best Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy

Yeah, I know Oud Royal is pretty expensive stuff but definitely worth a try. I like oud scents, too and have a great love for balsamic orientals (btw, do you like Ambre Fetiche by Annick Goutal ? oud but nonetheless VERY balsamic IMHO) but not all have worked for me. And with all the variety of oud scents out there it surely is possible to find one or two to fall in love with Smile

Somebody mentioned "White Aoud" by Montale and I can also recommend that one for you. Both Oud Royal and White Aoud also have a nice sandalwood note enhancing the spiciness.

A fruity (tangerine) rose-heavy oud with a nice sweetness and smokiness is "Luxor Oud" by MEMO. Very feminine, very cozy. No medicinal notes, no harshness, this one is easy to get along with.

A peachy oud-scent with lots of character (meaning very heavy and strong-willed) is Boadicea the Victorious´ "Virtuous". Balsamic but it wore me out.
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