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Shaking perfumes

Shaking perfumes 14 days ago 1

Hello perfume lovers Smile I have a small question for you. Due to my job, I travel frequently and I don't return home for long periods of time. I like to carry my perfumes with me. I carry the perfumes I will use in a bag or suitcase. I wonder if there is a deterioration in the perfume when there are situations such as shaking and shaking during the journey? It came to my mind, I wanted to consult you, thank you very much.

14 days ago

Hi Dionysoss,

I don't see any problem with shaking other than the risk of damaging the bottle and especially the sprayer part. I can imagine there is a bit more fluid to air contact when you shake it, but that all happens all within the air-tight container so my guess is that it hardly does any damage.

A bigger problem may be the exposure to temperature changes (indoors-outdoors-indoors) and direct sunlight. Those factors are known to really shorten the shelf life of a perfume.

If you're out for a longer period of time, my advice would be to decant your perfume into one or more travel sprayers. Hope this helps.

11 days ago 1

Thank you very much for your answers. You have been very helpful. I wish you a fragrant day Smile

10 days ago 1

I would avoid putting bottles in check-in baggage due to possible temperature changes. Else I wouldn't worry too much. I prefer taking decants with me because they take less space.

10 days ago 1

I never taking bottles with me, while traveling- only samples or decants; or travel versions.

Its not goed idea to shake a bottle permanently. The scent could change because of shaking. Humidity and temperature change also do not positively influence the smell.

4 days ago

Hi Dyonisoss,

According to the article "Should You Shake Perfume & Cologne Before Use? (Quick Facts)" the answer is no... to a certain extent. I don't include the link to the website bc it's from another perfume platform and I read somewhere that's not allowed, but you can google it. The author of the article admits they´re not a physicist or chemist but their explanation kind of makes sense. I tend to agree with this opinion not bc I have chemistry expertise, I don´t, but because there are many perfume brands that put gold specks or fine glitter inside the perfume bottle meant to be shaken lightly before spraying (e.g. all atelier des ors, m. micallef "ylang in gold", and all the "nacré" flankers of Armani). Based on this I assume a light shake won't affect the stability of the chemical structure of the liquid.

Best wishes,

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