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Any Recommendation for a sweet / floral smelling perfume?

Any Recommendation for a sweet / floral smelling perfume? 10 days ago

Hi Everyone! I am looking to expand my collection and I would like some suggestions for a sweet/floral perfume that is not too overwhelming. I like the Ariana Grande "Thank U Next" perfume but its a bit overwhelming for me. I also like fresh scents!

9 days ago

Miss Dior Absolutely BloomingMiss Dior Absolutely Blooming and Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (2014)Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (2014) are both sweet florals, the latter being fresher. My mom wears them very often, and I'm quite fond of them, too. They don't project very much, and have poor longevity(imo), so I don't think there's a risk of it being overwhelming for you.

Fakhar Lattafa WomenFakhar Lattafa Women is a favorite of mine for sweet, fruity floral. It's pretty strong, though.

9 days ago 1

Hii!🌸 I would totally recommend "Daisy" edt by Marc Jacobs. It is a fresh floral with a beautiful strawberry note that is detectable, yet not "the main character" either, all notes are quite well blended and it is appropiate for any occasion. They also have an edp version, where the strawberry is more prominent, I personally prefer the otiginal edt, but you should test both. The "Daisy eau so Fresh" is a good option if you want something more subtle🙂

If you like your creamy/musky scents, I would recommend trying out the "Mon Guerlain" line, these are mainly sweet lavender-vanillas with some citrus or fresh fruit as a top note and you have many versions to choose from, the "Bloom of Rose" edp is my personal favourite, this one has pear as a top note.
"Narciso Ambreé"
from Narciso Rodriguez is a creamy musk with a tropical Frangipani note that makes it quite wearable all year round

For a more affordable option, check out "Amor Amor" by Cacharel: A sweet raspberry lemonade is the vibe I get from it (even though it has black currant listed on the notes, not raspberry): It is a sweet, floral freshie that you can either keep subtle or build it up with a few more sprays on top

If you'd like to try some "headache proof" niche ones: "Latin Lover" from Carner Barcelona is a very delicate floral with a natural sweetness, which is not too heavy but it does last a long time on skin and clothes.
"Rolling in Love"
by Kilian is floral, not too sweet, slightly green and with a powdery/soft musk undertone. On the skin, it develops beautifully throughout the day!

I hope this helps you a little bit and you find something you enjoy!🤗

8 days ago

What is your budget?

For under 100€, I'd recommend:

Happy Chopard - Felicia RosesHappy Chopard - Felicia Roses - a raspberry rose, very pretty and feminine, not too sweet, not overwhelming.

Peony & Blush Suede (Cologne)Peony & Blush Suede Cologne - a juicy red apple opening with a fresh peony, lovely for springtime.

Kate Spade NY 7 days ago

My recommendation is Kate Spade NY... it is a sweet yet fresh strawberry and light floral scent! I bought it for around $30 from

5 days ago

Sadly, I Haven't tried any perfume from Ariana Grande so maybe I am way off in my recommendations. However, if you are looking for something fresh and light you can try Fruit DéfenduFruit Défendu or Indus from Ormonde Jayne. An inoffensive fresh with pear Acqua Fiorentina (Eau de Parfum)Acqua Fiorentina Eau de Parfum

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