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Panthère de Cartier to be discontinued?

Panthère de Cartier to be discontinued? 9 years ago
Fanny posted a comment on Panthere by Cartier and said that it was discontinnued. Is it true?
I few days ago I saw it on Neiman Mrcus website at a huge price, yet it was there.
9 years ago
I heard the same thing about "Le Baiser du Dragon". My theory is that it's basically discontinued but small batches are occasionally produced and that Neiman gets them because they have a good relation with Cartier.
9 years ago
Afaik the old "Panthère de Cartier" has been discontinued some time ago and this year's "La Panthère" should be considered a whole different perfume. At least this is what I've gleaned from bloggers who have gotten to sample the new release.
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