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Rate my collection, thank you :)

Rate my collection, thank you :) 1 month ago 1
What is missing in my collection, what do you think of the scents in general?

Any feedback is appreciated Smile

1 month ago
@Yves03 we have 1 common perfume
1 month ago 1

It is fine, niche and mostly designer's perfumes. I think you ought to experiment a little. You could expand towards niche unisex, or Arabic for men, not clones though like club de nuit by Armaf. Try Ajmal they have wonderful niche unisex series like 'purely orient' I 'll leave a picture of a beautiful unisex fragrance from this series

28 days ago

I think you should upgrade your 1 Million to 1 Million Lucky, Parfum or Elixer. Also, upgrade the ADG to another flanker if you like that scent profile. I think you've got some good fragrances. Just a little upgrading to do.

27 days ago 4

You are not missing anything, or you are missing everything. It depends on you. Trust your nose and dont let us "rate" your collection. This is your journey.

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