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Best perfume for university graduation

Best perfume for university graduation 14 days ago

Hey guys, it's going to be my brother's graduation and it's gonna be a formal, suit party at night.
I'm looking for a nice perfume to wear that can fit this time. It's going to be during the night, we live in a really warm place that reaches over 40 degrees celsius but we have aircon in the party place.

Any perfume without patchouli (I hate this scent) and not too headache-inducing will be appreciated.

My main options RN are:
- Xerjoff Naxos
- Xerjoff Zefiro
- MFK Oud satin mood EDP

11 days ago

Of your options I would definitely choose Xerjoff Naxos, second choice would be MFK Oud Satin Mood EdP.

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