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black cashmere (in oval bottle)

black cashmere (in oval bottle) 7 years ago
hello.....i am wondering about donna karen's (dkny) black cashmere. The original formulation. when was that fragrance discontinued or when did it change to the new form???? i really want to buy it but i am not sure what batch numbers to look for. thank you for any info
7 years ago
Hi, Wilmcknny

See here for the reissue year--2008. You might find decants of both at Surrender to Chance or The Perfumed Court.
7 years ago
I have yet to try the new formulation. I have heard that it is very close to the original. I can't confirm it though. You don't need to worry about batch codes with this scent. If you get a mouse bottle (oval bottle) you have the old stuff. It's that easy. Unfortunately, if you want to find the old bottle you need to expect to pay a fair price for it. About 18 months ago the old bottle prices skyrocketed and the prices haven't come down.
7 years ago
Hi, Wilmcknny
im not a fan of the new formula
the new formula does not have that saffron mixed with vanilla, nutmeg and florals smell the old formula has. the last time i bought mine form the Theperfumebaron site.
hope that helps
4 years ago
I was wondering if "Chaos by Donna Karan" has the same rythme? I mean an accord that doesn't scream but who evolves slowly to develop the whole facets?
3 years ago
I have both- the black stone bottle and the newer version, and find them almost identical, hardly any difference. Both are now discontinued, so I'd go for either if you can get them at a decent price.
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