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Gourmand Fragrance - Cherry and Chocolate

Gourmand Fragrance - Cherry and Chocolate 2 years ago 1


I am trying to get as many opinions as possible before going along with this project. Although, at the end of the day, this is something I want to do for myself, if there is some appeal to it, why not try and market it. I have always been a "hands on" person, so I'm now jumping into fragrances and this is the first idea that I will try. 

My idea is to build a fragrance with a strong cherry opening that fades into chocolate mid-notes with some sort of woody and amber base. Let me know what you all think, would you like this scent, would you wear it?

Thank you!

2 years ago 1

I would love to buy a nice cherry-chocolate scent, but I would like to fade it into vanilla and sandalwood. 

1 year ago

For sure I would love a cherry-chocolate scent! Sounds delicious! Good luck with your project!

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