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best musc 1 year ago
My dearest parfume mates!
What is the best musc in your opinion? (Now the best is Acampora's Musc to me nd the second is Honey deer musc by Meleg)
1 year ago 1

My musc of choice: Musc Tonkin (Extrait de Parfum)Musc Tonkin Extrait de Parfum

8 months ago

Kuumba Made Egyptian Musk.

8 months ago

The best musks I have ever encountered are Arabian attars

One of my favorites is the Tarife Attars Black Musk

Also Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Body Musk

7 months ago 1


As "musc" is a term used quite liberally in the perfume industry and community, could you specify if you mean animalic kind of musc, clean ones (often called "white muscs"), or any of these?

For sure on the animalic side I'm voting for Muscs Koublaï KhänMuscs Koublaï Khän, a stunner!

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