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Samples from Houses - best experience

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11 years ago
/here is a new site, recommended by a scent Buddy of mine) The sample packs are 10 euro's), and do take the little test, just for see if it really works! It will suggest 5 frags for you to try)...

This looks nice, they even offer a diagnosis. If I lived in Europe, I would play with it.
11 years ago
Yes U. I did the could do it is just to see what they come up with! You don't have to buy what they suggest. Wink
11 years ago
Patience in waiting for the ones I ordered recently.
11 years ago
1.Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab- even the wrapping on the package was worth saving, it was like getting a secret clandestine package from a pirate ship. Service was also prompt and easy.

2. Fragrances of Ireland- Fast service and they have a deal where if you later decide to purchase from them they deduct the price of the samples ($2 ea.) They also followed up by email twice to ensure everything was received as ordered and then for feedback on the samples. They really care what the customers think, shocking!
10 years ago
I contacted Jul et Mad directly by email and asked if I could receive a sample Stilettos on Lex. They answered immediately that they did not sample their fragrances as they are "Extraits", but they will be launching in the fall 2013 a product allowing testing...????
And, at my great surprise, they also sent me a 7ml of Stilettos on Lex (the purse spray that comes with the perfume in the leather box) with the nicest personal message. Very Happy
10 years ago
Great samples, most of them at the price of $5 /individual sample and $25 for 1 dram miniatures from DSH.
10 years ago
+1 for Tauer. After reading positive comments here I finally bought some samples. The little tin they come in is great, it lends a feeling of quality and permanence you don't normally get when buying samples. The package arrived in an amazingly short time considering the distance!
10 years ago
I found ordering from the following, that I think haven't been mentioned yet, a pleasant experience:
- Cécile Zarokian, SuléKó
- Howard Jarvis, Bud Perfumes
- Liz Moores, Pappillon Artisan Perfumes

Have also heard good reports about PK Perfumes and Neil Morris Fragrances.
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10 years ago
Brecourt have been amazing:
Not only are their samples very well priced, the shipping cost is minute and the package arrived astoundingly fast for an international order.
The samples arrive in little envelopes wrapped in delicate paper. Unfortunately in my first package one of the vials had been broken in transit, so I messaged them to let them know the padding may be inadequate. Brecourt offered to replace the vial but I had already ordered some more samples (only a few dollars) so they included a whole heap of extra samples in compensation for the one lost!
Their customer service is also wonderful and prompt.
All in all I have to say, Brecourt is ticking every box for me. This is how perfume samples should be done!
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