1983 by Black Baccara
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1983 is a perfume by Black Baccara for women and men and was released in 2017. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Big Chew
For some reason this perfume reminds me of the big pouch of gum popular in the 1980’s called Big Chew.

I believe this perfume is supposed to be reminiscent on how the year 1983 smelled. I remember that year vividly—I lost my virginity that year. Jelly shoes were in style, but they caused horrible blisters on my feet. Def Leppard was the band ruling the airwaves. I wore ruffled socks and white pants with black triangles all over them with Patton leather pumps. My hair was short, Pat Benetar was in style. Princess Diana was all over the news. Good year.

But I digress. 1983 is slightly strawberry, reminding me of how gum loses its flavor over time, but you can take it out of your mouth and still smell it. The fruitiness has a bit of vinyl or leather, which is reminiscent of the insides of someone’s purse that holds gum and a cigarette.

It’s an interesting scent, although it’s linear. It doesn’t necessarily resonate with me for daily wear, but it’s definitely a fun scent!

This is an oil, so it does not last too long—a couple hours tops. Sillage is close.

Bottle is nondescript, but it’s cheap so I don’t care.
Great brand with interesting smellies! Very much witchy.
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ScentwitchScentwitch 2 years ago
An interesting perfume oil concept on how the year 1983 smelled.
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