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KathrynA66KathrynA66 5 hours ago
Perfume Recommendations
I'm looking for something wheat or bran dominant.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Much appreciated!
MitchcraftMitchcraft 12 hours ago
Perfume Discussions
Fragrances you love to use as air fresheners?
I have a couple I can think of that smell absolutely sublime in a room. First is "Blue Jeans | Versace"  . It maybe is a linear fragrance but you know what I don’t mind linear fragrances...
EmberRoseEmberRose 23 hours ago
Perfume Discussions
Fragrance houses you can't get into?
Have you ever tried a fragrance from either Niche or Designer and that particular house just doesn't do it for you? I'm curious which ones are they?For me it's these ones:"Tiffany & Love for Her | Tiffany...
Deatkins1Deatkins1 3 days ago
Perfumes & Brands
What fragrance smells like?
Okay, new here and just wanted to ask if there is a men's fragrance that smells like Cinnamon with a hint/touch of leather and spice. Of course, I'd like it more on the sweeter/spicy cinnamon side vs leather,...