Mustang by Dorall Collection
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8.0 / 10 2 Ratings
Mustang is a perfume by Dorall Collection for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is green-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Submitted by WiseOwl, last update on 18.04.2021.
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1 in-depth fragrance description
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out of frustration bought a real "cheap fragrance"....
..... where to start?
Best why I bought the fragrance.
Have recently once again, as it had been used up for some time, bought my beloved for decades "Polo Green" by Mr. Lauren. Scarce 70 euros. That is for me at least a lot of money.
Unpacked immediately and sprayed on. Yes, the scent was there---- BUT there was something missing...
Later I also noticed the low durability - also that all the performance is gone.
It built up instead of joy, strong frustration!
Can only join the review at the Polo Green of "Peking2021" in All.
The fragrance is gone, speak, probably broken reformulated and anything but the great "stinker" as I like to title these fragrances so affectionately, which was a faithful companion to me for decades before.
Especially the good durability is completely gone for me. Hardly more than 2 hours of fragrance pleasure!
And that for the high purchase price?
No, no more with me. That was my last original Polo Green for the high purchase price!!!

So what to do?
I've been looking for fragrance twins. Just no expensive fragrance, if this then also a flop.
So I came to Dorall from. Had to date no fragrance of this Belgium-based company.
At this point I would like to note that there are or were several dupes of the Polo Green at this company.
Dorall Classic Green EdT 100ml
Dorall Mustang EdT 100ml
then from India, an already "impudent" copy- also what concerns the cardboard picture
Classic Collection Mustang Green pour Homme EDT 100ml
at Ebay USA I found another Dorall Polo Green Dupe.
Again, another designation- baer: NO shipping to Germany - mean, the Amis- GRRRRR
Whew, that's a lot, I know.
Therefore, I ordered the Mustang over "the bay". Scarce 14€ with postage from "here"
the order of "Putting Green" from Poland was then nevertheless too uncertain for me.... .-) .-)

Of course, the specialists among you will turn up their noses.
Freely according to the motto: so a cheap dupe comes me not in the house. Is anyway only "fragrance fusel".
But who does not test, which can (may!) not be or condemn, right?
So is at least my motto for years!

After applying, I was actually slightly startled at first. It smelled ehr sharp.
Mmmmh - so nothing???
You can not say that (s) so. Please, the Dorall costs in the trade often no 5 euros!
Is therefore 14 times cheaper than the original!
What can I still expect for it?
That my claim is settled ehr below, certainly needs no debate.
With the original I expect for 70 euros EVERYTHING!
At Dorall for under 5 euros - the equivalent of a croissant ice cream at the Italian - the scent works for it!

You should (must!) Give the dupe some time. Only a few minutes, then this sharpness is gone and it actually comes the familiar scent of the Polo Green!
In addition, I have for direct comparison the ORIGINAL!
Of course, the expert noses -.) among you will smell out more differences, I'm sure.
What also I erschnupperte, is that the unique spice of the original is not present.
But the overall impression is yet ehr GOOD!
So why should I spend 14 times, if I can have the same effect?
Since as I said, the original has been so messed up and is no longer THE Polo, which I knew.
The durability is just as bad with the Dorall. The flacon is well made for the small purchase money.
For 5 euros one makes / woman nothing wrong.
One / woman puts also hardly claim with a Currywust with fries at the snack bar around the corner.
At the Nobelrestaurant for a meal around the 70 euros without dessert, may have one / woman claim!!!

Of course, I will not acquire the Dorall again.
Continue to search for a viable replacement for Polo Green, which above all holds again and is a beloved "stinker"!

On the net, by the way, there are companies that offered the "Classic Green" for 5€, but can not deliver.
Therefore, I suspect, it is changed at Dorall again and comes out as "XYZ" or so . .-)

now I wrote in the "frustration" about the original a positive fragrance review for's Dorall.
That's something, isn't it?


From the USA manufacturer Belcam "Classic Match" for 8$ a dupe- but here not(??) to get!
or by Novaya Zarya EdC "SPORTCLUB" 85ml for a ridiculous price -
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