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Absolute Leather by Jafra
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7.4 / 10 13 Ratings
Absolute Leather is a perfume by Jafra for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is leathery-spicy. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by KC2503, last update on 02.04.2023.
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Beginner leather
This was the first ever dominant leather note fragrance i had. I still have the bottle and it is a nice frag but i have gotten better leather perfumes so i am now selling it.

However, i will continue with the review. I got the fragrance for 20 USD in the store of some nice friends and when i tried it i could see it was very spicy and had a leather base. However, just declaring three notes (Citrus notes, Sandalwood and Leather) i have to mention the next nuances:
The fragrance opens up with a grapefruit and pepper combo, resulting in a rather boozy head. However this opening is almost instantly overwhelmed by a leather note which makes the projection drop considerably and a very slight patchouli touch. I don't get cedarwood at all, rather creamy sandalwood. The perfume also contains slight nuances of a note similar to cardamom and some slight sweet vanilla nuance that combined with the labdanum from the leather (The leather here is probably just synthetic, not animalic at all castoreum and labdanum, no IBQ, indole or wood tars, so it has a very slight smoke touch of the castoreum, a kind of spicy touch of saffron i guess, and the resinous base of the note) makes kind of an ambery feel. The longevity is nice, of around 8 hours, the price is great and the leather is nicely done. However if i had to criticize the fragrance, i find the fragrance to lack complexity, even if it still was a mainly leather perfume a bit more cardamom and an Isobutyl Quinoline or violet ingredient to give complexity to the leather accord would be great. (And would obtain an aroma close to TF Ombré Leather)

Bottom line: Easiest to wear leather i have ever smelled, the heavy sections of leather like animalic and smoke touches completely tamed down and safe to use. Sexy frag (Not as much as others tho) at a great price. Quite versatile, not as heavily spiced as other leathers like CH Men Privé or JPG Le Male Essence De Parfum, not as good and versatile as Gentleman 2017 EDT by Givenchy, which does actually contain cardamom and IBQ on the leather. (I recommend that to you as a next level leather frag from the Jafra, amazingly constructed leather accord on that one) Greetings
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The leather perfumery acquaintance
I recently went to the perfumery of my choice to sniff different scents. Now I must anticipate that this is a pure leather perfumery. There are two huge areas, each of them is served by different personnel. In the old leather department there are men in pleated trousers with suspenders, fine shirts and a finely shaved moustache. Here you can meet Knize Ten and his ilk. In the new leather era department, it's casually dressed men and women. Today I decided to visit the latter department. Not suspecting anything bad I sniffed my way through, had a small talk with a gentleman who told me something about Guerlain waterproofing spray and drank a coffee. All of a sudden this perfume spoke to me from the side:
"Hello, are you looking for anything in particular?"
"Hello, no, why? You're not from here, are you? I don't see a price tag."
"Shh...I'm only available on Amazon... I noticed you right away how you are sticking to leathers which do not only smell smoky or animalistic. I like that."
I asked embarrassed, "Yes? What do you like about it? Is it so unusual?"
"No, no, I don't take that as a negative at all. You know, I'm not one of those leathers myself, sir. Look at me! Take an olfactory look at me!"
The perfume, unknown to me, initially had a slightly sweet leather scent, with a hint of amaretto. I looked at the pyramid of scents; pepper and citrus fruits? I could hardly imagine that. Rather sweetish alcoholic with a slight fruitiness. But that's not what I wanted to tell the perfume. Combined with leather, of course. Here it reminded me of all the leather a La Dark Rebel, only more sophisticated. By that, I mean the essence of the fragrance, not the fragrance itself.
I nodded at him and smiled politely: "You smell great, you really do! But very sweet, is that your promiscuous nature, if I may say so?"
It shook the top of his bottle to signal me a no. "Keep on smelling!"
Now it was already getting earthier and warmer, like the first warm rays of the sun, which fell on the ground in the morning. On the leathery floor. Patchouli, I read. Hm, that could be good, but this one was embedded. According to the pyramid in cedar wood. I couldn't determine this explicitly but the scent had a fine aura that tamed the patchouli. The leather continued to have a fine effect as a base, still rather sweet, although successively flashing with more powerful sprinkles. I liked that! That was the first time I thought of taking the perfume straight home with me! Was it one of those? I mean, it spoke to me directly. Many other leather scents I usually deal with want to be tested extensively and only then be purchased!
"What do you say?" it ripped me out of my thoughts. "Yeah-yeah... well, really."
"Then let yourself drift, smell again!"
Now the patchouli disappeared, the leather was now tangy leather, but enmeshed by the fine and creamy sandalwood, the cedar wood gave the whole thing a distinguished and seductive touch. It made me curious and so I appeared brisk and direct:

"What's your name, and do you have plans today?"
"Absolute Leather of Jafra. No, I'm not that easy. You have to order me from the biggest online retailer in the world."
Here I checked off the 20% with pd20esgibtimmer20prozentaussersiestellensichdämlichdämlichan as a discount code. Now it was suddenly in the epitome of leaving. "When will I see you again?" I yelled to Absolute Leather.
"With prime shipping soon but probably a few days later because of Corona."
It was gone and I remained astonished by the notes and the pyramid. Stealthily I looked around, whether nobody had been watching us. A TL bottle cleared its throat but I didn't care. A member of his relatives lived with me anyway, he would get over it.
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