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Calm by Lollia
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Calm is a perfume by Lollia for women and was released in 2010. The scent is fresh-floral. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Apollo 17 Wept as the Hyacinths Bloomed
Calm by Lollia immediately reminded me of a deconstructed version of Via Camerelle by Carthusia and also in the general galaxy, but neighboring solar system to Cristalle by Chanel. If Cristalle was the Earth full of lush green herbaceous life forms, Calm would be like its cold distant moon shadowing it, but never being life sustaining itself. The well-tested theme of fresh citric and bergamot notes on top, a massive center of Hyacinth standing alone in the middle followed by something woody and/or mossy as the base like rosewood, cedarwood, oakmoss or vetiver- there are many great stars in this category. The effect of which is clean and smooth, yet mature and polished. I find Hyacinth, with its pungent sweet grassy floral odor acts as some inexplicable trigger of soothing comfort and a natural attractant for many Men and women, similar to the well known properties of Lavender. "Calm" did teach me one important lesson about Hyacinth fragrances and that is that I do not like pure unblended hyacinth notes mixed with dry synthetic woody notes...too scratchy and thin. I need something a little more well-rounded, personally.
"Calm" is a light skin scent and in no way in the same arena of complexity, sillage or longevity as Cristalle (which I love!) or Via Camerelle, but it has the common focus with that same key soothing, yet familiar and attractive center of Hyacinth, written about in Greek Mythology and sprouting from the blood of Hyacinthus, gorgeous prince of Sparta, of who was killed in a jealous rage by Zephyr to spite Apollo. Calm sort of leaves me feeling hollow and forlorn, like Apollo must have felt staring at those blooming hyacinths, knowing that his beloved mortal friend would never return. In the same way, I consider this fragrance kind of a watered down and pointless facsimile of so many more interesting and complex Hyacinth fragrances.
All-in-all, this is a good starter fragrance, IMO, in fact this whole group of Lollia fragrances "Calm", "Relax","Breathe", etc. come in beautiful and dainty decorated painted glass bottles that are quite collectable and all very wearable for casual low sillage everyday wear. But alas, Calm reminds me of all the remote and lifeless objects forever lost in space.
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