24 Elixir Gold 2015

24 Elixir Gold by ScentStory
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7.5 / 10 11 Ratings
24 Elixir Gold is a perfume by ScentStory for men and was released in 2015. The scent is sweet-woody. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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HoneyHoney AmberAmber CedarwoodCedarwood CoconutCoconut Gaiac woodGaiac wood RoseRose SaffronSaffron VanillaVanilla
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Its all about honey...and hidden tobacco
What a nice high quality fragrance. Its not so famous as other from this house, but this one is fantastic cheapie for fall season. Nice presentation, high quality niche level juice and powerfull performance.. I got strong tobacco (not listed there ) notes with lots of honey. Its like a mix between 18.21 Tobacco and Killian Back To Black. It has some Red Tobacco (probably saffron) neunce too! Hidden gem for sweet tobacco and honey lovers. I think its discontinued so take it in time. In my country its for 20 euros - cheapie!!!

Scent: 9/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 8/10
Value for money: 9/10
Bottle: 8/10
Versatility: only Fall or Winter, 90% men fragrance 30+
Overall: 8.5
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2 Reviews
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24 gold elixir edp
24 gold Elixir scentstory

Notes... Honey, coconut, Rose, saffron, vanilla, Amber, Cedar, Guaiac Wood, cardamom.

Released in 2015 as a Spicy Sweet Oriental.

For my recent 35th birthday I was taken by my beautiful wife to Selfridges in Birmingham to the fragrance section and told to just enjoy myself and choose a scent to take home with me. Needless to say I was like a child in a sweet shop, I tried so many fragrances that I had never gotten my nose on before from houses like Amouage, Byredo, Atelier cologne, Armani privè to name just a few.

But I just couldn't find what I was looking for as my tastes in fragrance are for heavy, oriental, tobacco, vanilla, sweet and gourmand fragrances, so it goes without saying that I am a huge fan of the Thierry Mugler A*men line of fragrances and I kept coming back to Pure Havane again and again. And it was this scent that made my wife smile when she smelled it and just said “that one” so that was enough for me.

This was perfect for me as it was one that was missing from my collection, as I already own Pure malt, Pure tonka, Pure wood, Pure shot, a taste of fragrance (pure chilli), and now Pure havane. When we left Selfridges and we're heading back to the car we walked past a Fragrance Shop so I thought I would have a look and to my surprise in the bargain bin was 24 gold elixir by scentstory, now I know that the Fragrance Shop has sole distribution rights for Scentstory fragrances in the UK. I have checked on Fragrance Shop website many times for this fragrance to no avail, but i have seen this fragrance selling on eBay for ridiculous prices as it is so rare within the UK so I picked up a bottle and I was very happy to pay less than £30, bargain, and a blind by for me.

I waited to get home before unboxing the fragrance and unleashing its first spray upon my skin, I was extremely pleasantly surprised by what I smelled.
This perfume opened with a very strong sweet honey and tobacco note with a light coconut and vanilla in the background, now there is no tobacco note listed in the note breakdown but there is a very evident tobacco note I think this comes from the Guaiac Wood mixing with the coconut and honey and cedar, the opening reminded me very much of the opening of Back to Black from by Kilian with its sweetness honey and tobacco, but to my nose it's shares the same tobacco and honey notes from Mugler pure havane and you would be forgiven for comparing this fragrance to Tom Ford's tobacco Vanille.
As this fragrance dry down and the honey note subsides the tobacco accord remains and is joined by a jammy Rose and slightly leathery saffron note, but because the tobacco note remains throughout the fragrances entirety the scent never becomes very floral and in my opinion remains more masculine, The florals only ever lend depth and complexity to an already well blended fragrance. At around 3-4 hour Mark the tobacco note is joined by a creamy woody spiciness from the Cedar, vanilla, cardamom and amber,the vanilla is slightly more evident at this point but the amber is only ever in the background. The cardamom mixing with the tobacco and vanilla is quite beautiful and almost sensual. This is how this scent then sees out the rest of it life which is about another 6 hours on my skin. Many people say that this scent has beastly performance in both longevity and projection but I personally only get good performance but that's the same with nearly all scents I have tried.

Scentstory have a few fragrances in there 24 line with 24 gold probably being there most popular and I have seen this fragrance being compared to that one but in my opinion they are worlds apart and probably the only thing they have in common is the vanilla note that totally different fragrances, and in my opinion this one being the better of the two. I already own 24 gold and 24 platinum I feel in the position to be able to make this judgement even though both the aforementioned fragrances are fantastic in their own right.
Initially I compare this to Thierry Mugler pure havane as the opening tobacco and honey notes are very very similar but this fragrance goes in a totally different direction to pure Havane, I find pure havane to stay sweet throughout much of its life but 24 Elixir to lose its initial sweetness and head towards Woody spicy the same way as Back to Black does.
If you compare the fragrances that this one is compared to and the prices that they sell for then that makes this an extremely good value fragrance if found at the correct price, tobacco vanille retails for £150 for 50 mil and Back to Black nearly £200 for 50ml and this can be had for under £50 for 100ml eau de parfum and gives you the same vibe as it's more expensive counterparts with performance to match.

In conclusion I feel that 24 Elixir is a very well put together fragrance at a very affordable price and is very much of niche quality, the performance is very very good with me getting at least 8-10 hours depending on situation and time of year. It's a beautiful tobacco sweet scent that is best suited in my opinion for casual or night out scenarios or even as a date sent, it could probably be quite daring as a date sent but I can see it working as the dry down is particularly sensual and inviting.

My rating is a perfect 10/10
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