Agua de Rocio 2003

Agua de Rocio by Victorio & Lucchino
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7.8 / 10 46 Ratings
Agua de Rocio is a popular perfume by Victorio & Lucchino for women and was released in 2003. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by Puig. Pronunciation
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Spicy-fresh and Selfies!
It's hot again! Not true?
I mean, what else did you think summer would be like?
Rain and thunderstorms? Sure, that happens sometimes, but that it would get hot, well, you could have bet on that! Hey he he he. And actually it is still not soo hot, the really murderously hot days will still come! *sigh* :D

Therefore, it is always good to find fragrances in summer that are light and loose, but also smell good. The best way is to use those that don't crush you. Unless you are mean and want to affect the whole environment by applying something at over 30 degrees that really smells of heavy oud, extreme spices and otherwise heavy and oppressive.
Some actually do, especially in oriental areas.

Just like during a holiday where we were sitting in a small van and should be brought to a ship (for these day trips on a ship to visit islands, canoe and buy overpriced souvenirs and so on :D). There are several people picked up from the hotels and in front of us sat two guys, one of them (or both, you couldn't determine that so well in the small van :D) had really extremely dieselled himself in with heavy spices. The fragrance was gigantic and "polluted" the whole van :D (and the trip to the ship took more than an hour! :DD).
It looked as if they both came from Arab countries, and therefore also smelled like the typical, heavy Orientals, as it is common there in summer and what is completely normal for them. Well... some of you might like that here and I don't find spicy scents bad either, but for me personally such scents belong more into the winter (but there are exceptions), because I personally like looser and fresher scents in the summer.

Well, that's why scents like this one are actually quite nice in summer, especially if the name "something" starts with Agua and suggests a fresh scent, whether that's true or not, I'll find out right away!

The fragrance:
The fragrance starts with a citric bergamot/lemon mix and smells like a classic Cologne refresher like the 4711 fragrances. Then you can quickly smell woody scents like cedar (or especially cedar, because I hardly smell sandalwood), which, however, radiate from the background and are therefore not very strong.
An oak moss and lavender-like note also suits me, but it can only seem that way to me, at any rate I find that the fragrance has a slightly classic and more mature charisma. I smell neroli too, but only a little.
Musk comes out a little later with a slightly fancy sweetness, the fragrance is still fresh, but also a little spicy (the spicy may appear to me only because of the woody notes, along with the above-mentioned classic notes).
Over time, the spicy impression diminishes somewhat, the fragrance remains woody and citric with a very light, sweet musk note.
In the base, the fragrance continues to give a fresh impression because of the Neroli, which are now a little better smelling, but it still appears somewhat spicy because of the cedar and the classic notes such as lavender and oakmoss. I can be wrong, but the way the fragrance smells, it seems more unisex than feminine to me... oh and the spicy here is not difficult, so you can wear the fragrance well in summer :D

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is above average. At the beginning you can smell it on you, but later it will weaken faster and faster, as it is the case with citric-orientated scents. It's just the case with summery scents, so you can't really complain.
The shelf life is quite okay, due to the woody notes the fragrance lasts longer than other summer fragrances, so you can expect at least eight hours here.

The bottle:
The bottle is a slightly inflated and in the height larger growing vessel, which looks nice and leaves a design oriental impression. The neck is gold-plated, the lid glass and round. There doesn't seem to be a label, but on some photos you can see a gold-plated pendant with the name. Looks really nice!

Well, this smell isn't so bad. It's actually fresh, but it's also strangely spicy. The spicy is not heavy, so you can really wear this fragrance in summer. It looks a bit classic, which means more mature, so the fragrance may not be for younger ones. In addition, I find that the fragrance fits more so for daytime. With its spicy notes, the fragrance is slightly oriental, but the citric scents make it quite Mediterranean. So it's a nice mix of the two, I'd say here.

Well, because of the scent and my introduction I had to think about the great Thai vacation I had last year, and where we had these very spicy smelling guys in the van, and somehow we saw them on the ship very close again. And then it was also very funny. Because while everyone enjoyed the landscape, the islands, the rock formations and the shipping in general, one of them really enjoyed almost the WHOLE shipping (which took about five to six hours), combing his long hair again and again, getting ready and shooting at least 2500 Selfies, all with the same, same grinning smile :DD

Oh yes, it was great, I and a friend really enjoyed it, and I can only recommend a trip like this to anyone who wants to go on holiday like this. Oh, and you can also have a look at this scent here, even if it is not soo special in itself and I would choose other scents for the summer and vacation myself. But at least he has become quite nice, so that one or the other could like him!
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