Golden Glam 2012

Golden Glam by Yoppy
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Golden Glam is a perfume by Yoppy for women and was released in 2012. The scent is sweet-gourmand. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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It's not the price that counts, but the feeling
For me, perfumes are much more than just petty scents in pretty flacons. So much more than a nice decoration for the glass case. Fragrances, as well as tastes, images and sounds, have the power to awaken old memories. To project long forgotten moments back to the inner eye.

"Golden Glam" is one of these fragrances that is sure to be overlooked by most customers in the drugstore. Well, the bottle as well as the box doesn't look very appealing or valuable. But the price (with not even 5€) is unbeatable. In general, I'm not a big fan of drugstore scents (apart from the "La Rive" scents, which I can't count as independent scents, as they are almost all targeted dupes of designer scents). Although, perhaps this is too harsh a statement. At almost every visit I test myself through the assortment. The one or other fragrance has made it to my home over the years. However, this never happened because I have been around and around the scent - I wear the scents to walk, do sports, etc. Since it is often modestly durable, you can even sometimes wear 2/3 fragrances in one day (or at least spray them more often, which is no problem with the prices).

I was looking for a cheap scent for the holidays. When travelling I like to take cheap fragrances with me, in the meantime I also like to take designer fragrances in pocket flacons. The main thing is not to take expensive flacons, for fear of damage. It was October and Rügen the destination. So I was looking for a rather cuddly and warm scent, suitable for the fresh temperatures and the stormy autumn weather at the Baltic Sea. Countless scents were tested, then my eyes fell on "Golden Glam". The name looked familiar to me. I've been browsing this forum for years and when I saw the golden box, it came back to my mind that I had already read one or two positive reviews of this fragrance. Unfortunately there was no tester available and so it was bought blind. I wanted to save the first scent impression for the day of departure, one day later. Shortly before the car trip I sprayed generously some splashes on my blouse without testing before. I should not be disappointed
The delicate fragrance cloud that surrounded me seemed cuddly and soft. My biggest fear was that it could be one of the most popular "cupcake" fragrances at that time. Sticky, edible, cute as a button. Like a piece of cake. Fortunately I was spared this. The scent seems much more cuddly and transparent at the same time. The sweetness is pleasant. Amber and vanilla determine the scent. The vanilla rather reminds of vanilla sugar. It doesn't necessarily appear smoky or complex, but still pleasantly sweet and appetizing. The prominent amber note, however, gives the fragrance a little more dimension and depth. What I also like is that the fragrance, despite its obvious affiliation to the "gourmand" family, is by no means sticky or sugary. I like the transparency of the fragrance. Apart from the vanilla-amber combination described, no other note stands out. The fragrance simply seems very pleasant and cuddly, the overall composition is beautiful. The shelf life of about 4 hours before I want to spray it is very mediocre, the Sillage also rather discreet. Nevertheless, for the price you can spray once or spray 5/6 times to achieve a solid projection.

But what makes this fragrance really special are the memories I associate with it. I wore it then during the whole holiday and not so often since then. Why? Because I no longer perceive this fragrance as "perfume", but rather as a memory. As soon as I take off the cap and smell the spray, I find myself mentally back on the top step of the stairs in front of the pier in Sellin. Back then, when the wind was so strong that many people had problems to keep their balance. Back then, when the small wind gauge in front of the pier turned so fast that I was sure that the whole thing would fly apart in a second. Back when the whole beach was closed due to the thunderous waves. Storm tide danger. Back then, when I stood in front of the railing on the stairs for an hour, despite the hurricane-like weather, and enjoyed the storm. I love wind. A miracle that I did not get sick. Back then, when I wore "Golden Glam" on my scarf like every holiday and the soft and delicate scent rose into my nose every now and then.

Even today I still wear the fragrance from time to time - mostly in the months when I long for the Baltic Sea. Nevertheless, I do not want to smell it on me too often. I do not want to collect new memories with him. It should let me continue to dream of reprimands whenever I perceive it. However, should it soon go to Rügen again (in recent years, we have always spent our holidays on Usedom and this year in Kühlungsborn), then I already know which fragrance will celebrate its comeback and may again be on the trip to make Rügen with me once again uncertain
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