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9 months ago - 11.09.2023
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An observation regarding then vs. now reviews

An observation regarding "then vs. now" reviews

There has been hubbub surrounding the politicization of a very popular perfume community.  It has provided Parfumo quite the windfall in terms of growing membership; I found this community nearly ten years ago because a beloved member from that established community found their home here after enduring years of administrative-level harassment.  I've always considered that move quite fortuitous.  The community here is more grounded, more open-minded, possibly more passionate about fragrances and other pursuits.  The functions here predate those of other online fragrance communities, allowing members to have a more active role here on Parfumo and enabling them to express their love of fragrance in really creative and meaningful ways.

All that considered, I've not entirely abandoned my membership in that established community: I made friends over there, I'm established as a swapper, I have my Monthly Perfume Tray Project over there and, more importantly, I've been a member for nearly fifteen years.  It's hard to walk away from fifteen years of anything.  I am finding these things are no longer enough of a reason to be so invested.  I've built a virtual family here on Parfumo, too.  People I love and adore are starting to move over here.  I'm quite invested here.  The blatant prejudices, the covert dog whistles, and the long-standing administrative bullying have presented me with a moral imperative—chiefly, I needed to migrate my reviews over here.

One thing I did not anticipate in the migration process was the need to update my old reviews.  Initially, I thought I'd do a "cut and paste" of all my reviews.  But I could not do that in good conscience.  My opinions of a fragrance purchased for $20USD in 2011 might have been absolutely glowing but (a.) I've since tested many more fragrances and found said perfume is mediocre at best and (b.) said perfume has been long discontinued and is selling for $325USD on eBay.  Conversely, I've written reviews for fragrances I once loathed but have since learned to love and appreciate.  It's interesting to go back and see where I was in my fragrance journey and compare it to where I am now.

I still have dozens of reviews to migrate over here.  I suppose I'll have something to say that will contradict my initial reviews.  Isn't that the fun of being on this fragrant journey, though?


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