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Hawthorn 9 years ago
The hedges retain their feral coloured leaves throughout winter, a favourite of English landscape gardeners, they have a bleak fascination. Only Apres L'Ondee springs to mind as carrying the essence of Hawthorn. Others? Let's explore
9 years ago
I don't really have an idea how Hawthorn smells.

Can anybody explain please?
9 years ago
Apparently Hawthorn makes an appearance in Cuir D'Ange. Oh blast there goes more money
9 years ago
How about Crabtree and Evelyn's Nantucket Briar?
9 years ago
You read my mind! I was just thinking about "Daim Blonde" by Serge Lutens and "Mihime" by Keiko Mecheri and trying to mentally grasp the common note of Hawthorn in both of these so I began to research other fragrances to try in this group and "Beige" by Chanel is recommended.
8 years ago
Agree with Flavorite about Daim blond. And you should try Cuir Cordoba of course Wink
7 years ago
I bought a bottle of Ostara just before it was discontinued. It does have Hawthorn in the accord, but the Narcissus is prominent
7 years ago
Perhaps one of my most favoured trees. I get a really strong impression of Hawthorn from Chanel Beige, the EdT.
7 years ago
Chanel Beige is one that I have only tried in competition with others and it failed to impress me. But I must revisit. All roads lead to Chanel in the end
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