Oud Delight 2017

Oud Delight by Anima Vinci
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Oud Delight is a perfume by Anima Vinci for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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At the Oudist Stand Part 2 or the Prince of Eagle Wood
There are two things I'd like to say first. First: This Oud doesn't cost just 600 Euro like the last one, not even 400, and, unbelievably, not even 200, but not more than 185 Euro per 100 ml (and thus about as much as Singular Oud from Urban Scents, which I can't comment on in this series, simply because I have already commented on it). According to the principle "it feels so good when the pain subsides" this really seems to us to be a trashy price. Secondly, it is a really successful fragrance. I'll come back to that if I've tortured you before for a while with remarks about the fragrance house and the perfumer.

Christian Provenzano is not the sympathetic and somewhat harmless looking North Italian mother-in-law type he disguises himself as in photographs, no, he is none other than the true Oudini, the dark prince of eagle wood. Under his own label he has released the fragrances "Oud al Fayed", "Pearl Oud" and "Oud Signature", for the (somehow sinister to me) Saudi (!) Label "Amado" created the fragrances "Immortal Oud", "Imperial Oud" (I don't want to know which empire is meant there), "Oud Mystère" and "Sublime" (of course also with Oud) and for Penhaligon's he created "Oud de Nil" and four other Oud fragrances. I imagine him as a kind of Saruman who sends his orcs all over the world to cut down the last eaglewood trees and then, shaken by mad giggles, in dark shafts lit by blazing fires, processes them into ever new oud brews
On some detours he must have got to the label "Anima Vinci", which is strangely uncommented here on Parfumo and generally looks like something out of a retort. It has seven scents from seven different perfumers (seven! Mysticism!) in its program, in addition to various scented candles and the like; all these scents were published in 2017 and 2018. When I look at the company's website, I feel a slight uneasiness at first: this wellness style presentation with Zen backpieces copied into it unsuspectingly, these deliberately round, "organic" shapes of the flacons, that's all nothing to me. But when I come across two poems at the end of the page under the title "Our Manifesto", no, you have to say, prayers, which are in the style of the Lord's Prayer and the creed, advertising lyrics like "I believe in the power of fragrance to bring hope, joy and love" and "A better world created with passion", I really feel sick. I find this extremely tasteless and it would be an absolute exclusion criterion for me to buy such a fragrance or even consider a test.

In this case, however, the consequence would have been that I would have missed a particularly fine fragrance. I had him (after receiving a gift sample from a friendly perfuma) before I had researched all these partly curious, partly unappetizing backgrounds.

Oud Delight is extraordinarily multi-layered, almost thrown together, as Angua has described quite aptly. For me, however, in a way that seems neither arbitrary nor overloaded-opulent. The great oudissimo has managed to juggle with several scents and fragrances in a virtuoso way, without losing any of them. I'd like to describe it that way: We have a flowery aldehyde feminine component, then a fresh spicy masculine, and thirdly a herbaceous stinking one with the distinctive oud dancing a funny round dance. In the process, the components change in themselves (in the feminine component, the aldehyde makes more green space; the stink third becomes weaker at first, reduces itself to a very light pull, until it then rears itself up again more piercingly) and makes surprising connections. In the gaps one also means to sense other notes, such as earthy or apple-fruity ones.

All this is perhaps a bit arbitrary, it also has a certain heaviness (that's not a light citric Sommeer sniff), but it is finely balanced, harmonious, even cheerful, and therefore ultimately light. It's a nice soft turn on the fragrance wheel!

After about 5-6 hours the de-Oudung begins. The characteristic notes, which have never been penentrant, but sometimes already strikingly stinging, gradually retreat and leave a strong, then indeed rather masculine resinous-spicy, slightly sweet base. After seven hours one already thinks that he wants to go out, but he doesn't even think about it, but turns up again and spins around, actually develops a kind of ambry-mentholige freshness out of secret reserves, radiates and radiates, and finally tones even in the thirteenth hour still very close, but quite strongly around
It's a lot of fun for me, my wife is also very impressed, and as a result I am cheerful (hence perhaps "Oud Delight"), reconciled and almost ready to forgive the company's unspeakable advertising nonsense. And I'll keep an eye on Master Provenzano!
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