Fàra by Antonio Alessandria
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A perfume by Antonio Alessandria for women and men, released in 2018. The scent is citrusy-spicy. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Finger limeFinger lime LemonLemon BergamotBergamot PeppermintPeppermint
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CuminCumin MagnoliaMagnolia
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CedarwoodCedarwood MuskMusk FrankincenseFrankincense


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There you are
Freshly sprayed, I find Fara dry, warm and elegant lemony - like expensive lemonade: hardly sweet, with lemon zest rather than lemon juice. Not a freshness bomb like some citric perfumes that I find difficult to cleaning.
The smell awakens in me the idea of an afternoon in the south. A breath blows over from the summer-dry coniferous forest, no sea anywhere. Freshly showered, it is so hot that a hint of saltiness and fresh sweat is immediately produced - and that in a person you find very attractive. A scene like in "Beyond Africa" in which Dennis Finch Hutton washes Karen Blixen's hair. Just "Beyond the Mediterranean".
My imagination was greatly promoted by the perfumery, which explained to me, among other things, the association cumin sweat. Without that, my newcomer would certainly not have reported such pictures to my head. Maybe I tested five scents during the perfumery visit. I found the majority beautiful and exciting, but from the place on the skin where Fara was, my nose did not get rid of the whole evening. I could have eaten myself. I haven't had that yet. I'll be right back the next day to buy it.
In the course of time, the fragrance becomes softer, the sweat a bit more pointed and pungent, an idea of salty skin that heats up in the sun. Fundamentally new, what smells into my picture and spins it further, I do not discover . A shortcoming? I don't know ... I like what I smell too much for that - please keep everything the way it is. Only very briefly the memory of the blue aquamarine shower gel of my childhood appears, the one with the seahorse on it - thank God it swims away quickly again.
According to the fragrance pyramid there should be some other things to smell, but as long as I haven't smelled musk, ambergris or magnolia in the corresponding reference fragrances or oils, there is a blind spot on my skin, and I don't dare to make any classifications. I smelled the incense I brought back from my holiday, but I don't really find it in Fara, just like mint. Cumin for that, all the more so. I was just testing which one was mortared. Fits! - but I certainly wouldn't have come across that alone at this first perfume encounter, although I often cook with cumin.
Fara fades with me after about three, four hours. Too bad, it's too fast for me. However, my skin "swallows" quite nicely, as one saleswoman said. On the cardigan the scent is still very clear after one day. According to my roommate I don't pull a Fara flag behind me, and the apartment doesn't smell Faraesque either, although I spray every day.
I am surprised that Fara is not classified as unisex but as men's fragrance. Really?
Okay, now I have a bottle full of great man to carry on my skin


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HolscentbarHolscentbar 2 years ago
a walk in southern Italy on a sultry day where you drink a fresh ice-cold lemonade


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