Sun & Sea by Friendly Hunting
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7.7 / 10 19 Ratings
Sun & Sea is a popular perfume by Friendly Hunting for women and was released in 2016. The scent is citrusy-green. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Calista, last update on 11.03.2023.
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From wise worlds beyond Wummsern
Some people don't think long before they say something, they bring out their view of things unfiltered and may be loud or bold or imprudent. But they're honest. I like that. And sometimes they row back because they realized that they might have been too stormy or exaggerated in the heat of the moment. But at least one truth already lies in their utterances, even if it is only an emotional, subjective one. These people are adorable because they are so open and make no secret of their feelings, even if they may sometimes expose themselves embarrassingly.
If you transfer this type of human to fragrances, then we would have one of the much described Wummser. I like Wummser.

Other people, they naturally do not strike us so often, are silent for a long time. But they still think about things very carefully. And when they then contribute something to the conversation at some point, it is usually short, well-formulated and well thought out. It is not uncommon for listeners to hesitate after such a contribution. The listeners have never had this thought before; they have never seen this connection, which has just been established. They'll have to think about that first. Perhaps the contribution even changes their opinion on the topic.
A person who makes such rare but brilliant statements gains respect and the next time he says something, the others listen to him very carefully. But he doesn't always have something to say and just for the sake of talking he doesn't talk. He may seem a bit cool to the others, since he does not tune in to lamentations or joyful dances of a group. So maybe there will always be some distance between him and the others. He doesn't go with the crowd and in the narrower sense he may not be popular either and he may be as friendly as he is.

Such a fragrance is Sun & Sea.

Sun & Sea is quiet. Sun & Sea is reticent. Sun & Sea is well thought out. Sun & Sea is something completely new. Sun & Sea is not forgotten.

Sun & Sea starts with a bit of sherbet powder, subtle, natural lemon sherbet powder, mild, delicate, light and with a light green undertone. The bitterness quickly subsides a little and an aromatic, fine and friendly world of fragrance appears that I have never smelled in any other perfume. Most likely it reminds me of a meadow in spring: different delicate flowers, grasses and herbs mix to an incomparable, delicate fragrance experience.
A little bit of bitterness and a cheerfully airy freshness remain.
If I hold my nose very close to the spray spot, a twig of lovage and a delicate, fruity touch of the sweetness of a peach emerge from the meadow In the course of the heart note, the fragrance becomes a little sweeter and the peach impression changes into the memory of the sweet and surprisingly strong fragrance of the tiny flowers of a small, wild breeze, which I got to know years ago on Menorca and which already impressed me with its fragrance.
The wonderful fresh and not dry meadow remains for hours. The Menorca winds are now steady.
Very slowly and continuously, the meadow gradually fades until a subtle hint of musk is added to the base. He's staying till the next morning. Tender.

I like Wummser. But I also like these rare, delicate and so well thought-out wise scents, which you meet with respect and which you never forget, not because they are so loud, but because they open up a whole new world.

Thank you, Michelangela, for the bottle that showed me the gates.
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