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Zaad Vision by O Boticário
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8.8 / 10 3 Ratings
Zaad Vision is a perfume by O Boticário for men and was released in 2015. The scent is woody. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Michael, last update on 13.09.2018.
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1 in-depth fragrance description
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Guess, guess! What's that?
I could make this comment as brief as no other. And this with an expressiveness that would leave no more doubts.

I still don't, because that would be boring. Once again my beloved Quasar Fire from O Boticario was over and I had to have supplies from Portugal jetted over. Yes, these are the ones with the bombastic fragrances at reasonable prices and which nobody here knows, because what the farmer does not eat, he does not know - or was it the other way round? Anyway, you know what I mean. :-)
I always look at the range, because the importer always has individual fragrances on offer. One of them had been itching me for a long time, that was the Zaad Vision. As EdP(!) to roundabout 46€ regular price the 90 ml not particularly expensive, however, it gave it just at that moment for ridiculous 26€ plus the Fire also in the offer for 20€ instead of 29€ - you can already strike.

What ingredients do we read here in relation to Zaad Vision, hereinafter referred to as ZV? Not much: spices, citrus, amber. Could be anything or nothing.

Now let's see what we find on the page of O Boticario in German translation:
Top notes: Italian bergamot, Italian mandarin orange, LMR Tunisian lavender, nutmeg.
Heart notes: Thyme, Cypriol, Ciste Absoluto, LMR Gurjum Balm Oil.
Base notes: Guaiac wood oil, amber, cashmeran, MLR myrrh, patchouli.
What the LMR, MLR, Cypriol and Ciste Absoluto mean seems to be an insider. Cypriol is to me a term in relation to a grassy (water) plant. Ciste Absoluto could be classified as cistus somewhere. If you can translate better, you are cordially invited to confirm or improve.

That sounds better and makes you want more?

I ordered and paid for it on Sunday and pressed the parcel into my hand on Wednesday. I hold a very massive and large bottle in my hand. The pressed glass is not particularly even on the surface; O Boticario prefers to invest in the content - that seems to be the company philosophy there.
Impatiently I pull off the no less massive and heavy lid and press the button. What the F...! - fuck you...! I know him!

Now I could shorten again, but I continue to make it exciting. Take a look at this scent (1):
Top notes Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange, Mineral notes
Heartnote Heartnote Rosemary, Oud, Patchouli
Basenote Basenote Vetiver, Amber, Musk, Labdanum, Myrrh

Beautiful, isn't it? But now look at this (2):
Top notes Bergamot, Mandarin, Rosemary
Heartnote Heartnote Oud, Vetiver
Basenote Basenote Mandrake, Amber, Musk

At this point I would like to ring in a guessing game. But here we are with a fragrance of O Boticario and not Armani, Guy Laroche, Lancome, YSL and all known top dogs. That means I would have to wait forever for a participation or move the whole thing to the forum, which would make this review ad absurdum.

Let's take a closer look at the ZV bottle. It is simply designed and made of solid-coloured brown glass. A metal application represents the name. The lid made of solid plastic in the same brown colour as the glass.
The one with the scent of (2) is similar: coloured brown glass, a solid plastic lid in the same colour and a metal application, but this time on the lid. The bottle made of (2) shimmers rather reddish-brown against the light, ZV however rather yellowish-brown.

Well, klingelt´s? Hardly, we are not with top dogs here, but with Portuguese or Brazilians.
The spirit is now already out of the bottle, a wow experience with a nostalgic touch, although nostalgia is actually not quite right, because the one he reminds me of came onto the market not so long ago and got a successor after a rather unsuccessful reformulation in 2010: (1)!

Now I could make it short again, but let's stay a little longer: the creator(s) of ZV had a VISION - the name fits like a fist on an eye or an ass on a bucket - a VISION: Today we build a fragrance that probably came onto the market too early once. The specifications stated that the original version of this fragrance should be revived in its polarizing properties, especially with regard to the beginning: Raspberry cola and cough syrup meets leucoplast with the typical smoky, musty note.

You don't usually say good things about copies: Would-be, do-it-yourself, cheap prints etc pp. Here, however, we have a copy that is not as excellent as the original as the successor of (1), but "phase-shifted". Instead, we have here a copy that reproduces almost 100% of the original version of the fragrance we are looking for, which lies between (1) and (2) in the further course, but always (1) clearly shines through and in the finish even quite refined and only slightly sweetened with a vanilla-like touch.

Still puzzling? But now I deliver you: ZV is a clone of YSL´s M7 in its original version (!). Not a would-be, not just do-so-as-if, but an absolutely equal product. Durability and silage are more than just above average. Good, it's an EdP, you can expect more. But ZV that's what you can call a powerhouse in good conscience. A spray blast can almost no longer be described as discreet, two sprayers more than enough and if you put another one or two sprayers on top of it, you put your scent signature for hours in any kind of room in which the wearer has previously stayed. No "here I am", but also a "here I was - half a day ago" and therefore on a level with the original version of calibres a la Joop pour Homme.
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