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Classic by Snob
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Classic is a popular perfume by Snob for men and was released in 1990. The scent is spicy-fruity. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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CinnamonCinnamon AniseedAniseed CardamomCardamom BergamotBergamot
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SandalwoodSandalwood CedarwoodCedarwood PatchouliPatchouli
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TobaccoTobacco OakmossOakmoss AmberAmber Tonka beanTonka bean
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Feeling Nineties!
Snob classic was announced at Parfumo as a twin fragrance of the legendary Feeling Man by Jil Sander – and this could very well be the case. My recollection of that Jil Sander fragrance is 20 years old, an unfortunately, I never purchased a bottle. Feeling Man was one of three “red” perfumes of the period late eighties / early nineties, along with Gainsboro's Exception and Joop! Homme.

Something that special deserves our attention as from that trio only the pithiest survived and, by the way, can now be sensed more often again. Being red is not really a precise description, maybe one could also talk about a kind of synthetic berry-ness. Presumably the core ingredient has become a victim of IFRA-regulations by now – and so you have to go to Turkey to find it!

Snob Classic seems to be exclusively distributed in this country, and since Turkey is still not part of the European Community some regards may not be necessary. One spritz brings back the early nineties – in an instant, there is the red note, besides a lean and a little tart spiciness which the pyramid apparently refers to as cardamom. But the first impression makes me stop short – next to Feeling Man, Etienne Aigners Private Number for Men comes to my mind which has the same lean spiciness, but also the somewhat synthetic red note. By direct comparison, there is a big resemblance to Snob Classic, whereas Snob Classic is acting less fresh and juvenile than the Aigner fragrance whit its rather aquatic touch. Snob Classic does some justice to its name with some classy woody accents, and also the denounced tobacco is traceable.

Snob Classic does have some development. Towards the heart of the fragrance, which is fully pronounced after one hour, a nice vibrating fruity accent attracts my attention. I get some effervescent powder, sherbet candies or icing sugar: it is prickling! During this phase, Snob Classic presents itself as a distinct oriental the style of Le Mâle, and one could find a very vague resemblance. Maybe both include similar musks.

After two or three hours, the base note occurs. The prickling stops, and also the tart spiciness is gone. I now get less resemblance of Le Mâle, instead, Feeling Man and Private Number come back. But the overall character stays oriental-woody. It is hard to speak about a drydown, since the base note stays for hours and hours. The Feeling-Man-note – if you want to call it like that – proves itself to be so distinct that even the slightest leftovers will call one's attention for long. Be cautious when applying!

Snob Classic is not expensive and worth even a blind buy – either because of nostalgic memories, or because of pure curiosity for an accord which is almost gone today. I thank Dachauer85 for bringing me a bottle from Turkey. For those without relations to this country, I once more recommend trying Private Number for Men instead which is still available.
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