Ralli 2020

Ralli by Nakuna
Bottle Design Jaakko Veijola, Anu Igoni, Illustration: Matti Pikkujämsä
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5.9 / 10 13 Ratings
Ralli is a perfume by Nakuna for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is woody-floral. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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RoseRose CedarwoodCedarwood
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OudOud PatchouliPatchouli SandalwoodSandalwood
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AmberAmber MuskMusk VanillaVanilla


5.913 Ratings
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Interesting Facts
The face of the advertising campaign is Finnish model Olivia Aarnio, photographed by Markus Henttonen.


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Main prize
Contact form consumer protection center
Name: Gertrude Grau
Subject: Fraudulent lottery
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Consumer Protection, It looks like I have become the victim of scammers. I will now describe to you my situation, as well as my getting caught up in the same.
It started in the stairwell of our apartment building. When I came home from work Wednesday night.It smelled different than usual. Somehow...very sweet.
When I saw this young...man suddenly standing at my front door, I couldn't believe my eyes. Well, he looked...orginal. A
pale fellow, rather short in stature, of indeterminable age, with thin, white-blond hair and rosy cheeks.
In his hand he held a large bunch of plastic roses, which nevertheless gave off a very intense, artificial rose scent. The flowers were decorated with some kind of pink cotton wool. Cotton candy?
"Tadaaa! " he exclaimed theatrically, adding an exaggeratedly enthusiastic smile that made his fixed braces flash metallicly. While I was still staring at him in bewilderment, he exclaimed," Here I am!!! Your Finn!"
"Uh, there must be some mix-up here," I giggled nervously.
"No!"He now shouted indignantly. "No mix-up! You entered the sweepstakes and ta-da! In front of you is the grand prize! "Darkly I remembered. I had been approached by these nice young people, and yes, I had written down my personal details on a piece of paper with the heading: "Win a Fin! "I had written down my personal details Well, I thought, the prize might be a holiday in Finland, Finnish ceramics, maybe the sponsorship of a Finnish fin whale...But not that??
Suspiciously I assessed my "main prize" a little more closely..." Is that latex ? " I asked a little unsettled, because he wore a tight black suit on his lanky body.
"Nah, that's rubber ! Self-designed and tailored !" He proudly threw himself into his narrow chest and courageously bit into a red and white candy cane that it just crunched. I could smell the rubber suit he was already sweating under better than I would have liked. Along with the bouquet of artificial flowers, it was a crude mixture.
"I decorated the bouquet with cotton candy. I'm very creative!" he grinned proudly.
and continued to snarl at his candy cane.
Yes, I could smell those too. And unfortunately, I even smelled the metal of the braces...
"I'm Ralli ", he explained to me confidently.
"I'm into synthetics, by the way. Only synthetics. Something like you," he looked with disdain at my Ursula von der Leyen-style organic cotton costume, "I would never wear ! Everything has to be artificial for me, you'd better get used to it right away !" Did I win a robot?! Anyway, his smell was really getting to me. When I asked if he could be returned, he burst into tears so loudly that I refrained from this possibility for the time being The rest of the day Ralli stuck to me, and the name Kralli would have been much more appropriate. His unattractive scent of
" artificial rose with rubber", sugar, synthetic sweat, braces metal and ,for whatever reason, pineapple, accompanied me through the day like a fateful storm cloud.
Eventually, I did manage to get rid of Ralli. I introduced him to a student who lives on the 3rd floor.
A somewhat portly girl with two braids and the only person I know who wears braces besides Ralli in his twenties. She effusively praised his good smell and invited him to her shared room for the night. He accepted with thanks, saying: "I like women who do something for their appearance!" And a reproachful sideways glance at me. Then he pulled out a bottle from somewhere in his rubber catsuit. On it was written "Ralli".
"This smells wonderfully synthetic of me, so you won't forget me," he said with a teasing wink. I was almost a little touched." You can pay tomorrow too," he added nonchalantly.
Dear ladies and gentlemen consumer advocates, please help me !
I am so scared that Ralli will be back on the doorstep soon. How does it behave with the legal situation in such cases ?! About an early consultation appointment I would be very, very grateful!
Hopefully, your Gertrude Grau

The brand Nakuna originates from Finland. Ralli is the only fragrance from this brand that I find awful. Ralli smells like...Ralli just.
( see above). The other Nakuna fragrances , which I have met, are not bad. However, I would buy none.
Overall, I feel the fragrances as quite synthetic.

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Very helpful Review 7  
Ralli Naklar
Why does it feel like almost every brand needs (or thinks they need) a rose oud scent? Isn't the hype running out? Do rich Saudis on vacation really buy all sorts of such fragrances? Aren't there more knick knacks and twists in this area? Why is this inherently beautiful card often played in such a lame and uninspired way? Do rose oud perfumes make such an impression on the first impression and head that many testers buy directly, spontaneously? Are the ingredients now available so cheaply that the profit is very tidy and too tempting? Or is even the creation a little challenge, a pleasure for the nose at the wheel? Who knows.

Anyway, "Ralli" fills that wide niche for Nakuna, combining the usual 1-2 punch with soft, creamy patchouli - delicious and beautiful. But just very, very, very often already smelled and anything but creative or special. What else to write about this - everyone can imagine what this dark red Valentine's Day scent smells like. It disappoints zero and is very usable, very high quality, very neat. But still, I soon fall asleep during the test.

Flacon: fleeting pretty
Sillage: hefty dark
Durability: 9 hours were even barely overcome

Conclusion: a pleasing, velvety oud-rose combo - no more, but also no less. Suffers from inflation in its direction.
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