TooSmell27TooSmell27 9 years ago
Hi! Best wishes from the continent! Do you really live in Derbyshire? Chatsworth was great, but it is so long ago. Anyway: Have a nice and lucky 2014!
GoldGold 9 years ago
Are you back from the US? Nice to read you again.
SmittySmitty 10 years ago
Hallo Hallo :) Danke fuer Deine schoene Parfuemssammlung und Fotos, die mich an manche Schaetze erinnert!

Liebe Gruesse aus Polen

SorceressSorceress 10 years ago
Thank you for the lovely comments on my pictures, Amy. I adore my animals, and yes, they are beautiful to me!
GoldGold 10 years ago
Thank you so much for the info on Jeanne d'Urfé and Arthes. Will have a look online - this saves me the trouble of scamming the shelves in the next local "Boots"...
GoldGold 10 years ago
Dear Amy, "Fidji" was reformulated (it is now marketed by L'Oréal) and the new version is a shadow of its old self. And vintage Fidji is hard to find - just like our beloved old Revlon scent. Sometimes I get really nostalgic or should I say sentimental ... and wish I could turn back time - at least as far as the world of perfumes is concerned. Most new mainstream releases bore me stiff.
ApiciusApicius 10 years ago
Hello Amy, yes, dropping a few words on the wall of new users is one of my daily routines. But I hardly manage to keep more contact to them. Thanks for your encouraging words!
GoldGold 10 years ago
Hi Amy, lovely pictures and good reviews! I'm not from Fiji, but since vintage Fidji perfume is one of my alltime-favs, I wanted to underline this by indicating my "Fidjiness" with a flag. As a matter of fact, I live in Germany and "Timeless" is still available here, but as I said, in a different bottle and different reformulated version.

Btw, your cat is adorable!

Greetings from "Gold"
SüchtigSüchtig 10 years ago
halli hallo,

herzlich willkommen, bei den parfumsüchtigen.

viel freude und spass wünsch ich dir.
ApiciusApicius 10 years ago
Hello AmySourbutts, a very warm welcome to Parfumo!