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Blimunda 10 years ago 3 2
Cough Syrup
Like many other Comptoirs, this one is as much overwhelmingly sweet that I could not manage to wait until it completely opened on my skin but I ran to wash it off as sooner, as better.

To my nose, it smells very synthetic with benzoin as the only recognizable note I could pick. It reminded me a lot of the smell of one of those children’s cough syrups. Big disappointment, I expected more from this dreamy pyramid notes.
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Blimunda 10 years ago 3
Rose, Tuberose and Jasmine Trio
In my opinion, this is a perfectly made red rose!

It opens up with the notes of tuberose, sweet, a bit bubble gummy, childish and innocent. Soon after that, jasmine takes its part and the fragrance turns into something more mature until the final arrival of the Red rose, deep, sweet, sensual and warm. It is very alluring rose scent and the most realist one I have came across. It is like you are being lost somewhere in the middle of the red roses park, not being able (and unwilling to :) escape from that Red Paradise.

It has perfectly wide aura and great lasting power!
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Blimunda 10 years ago 4
Plastic sweety
I am so happy this one did not turn out to be yummy or overwhelmingly gourmand on my skin! I hardly recognize the notes, but the most prominent smell I get are waxy almonds with a few drops of sweet strawberry syrup over them. It gives the bubble gummy feeling and although it does not smell natural but rather plastic and rubbery, I manage to like it!

I have never tried anything similar to this... Great fragrance!
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Blimunda 10 years ago 1
Red Berry Juice
Thanks to one dear friend of mine, this beauty came into my hands...

The opening is ruddy, full of blushing juicy fruits of different kinds. I am almost sure that I smell some strawberries and raspberries mixed with bubble gummy mandarins.

After this cheerful opening, there comes the time of earthy patchouli but I do not see any similarity with Mugler's Angel though! While sharp green notes slowly fade away, the scent turns into cuddly powdery chocolate that wraps you in its close embrace.

If this fragrance would be more available, I think it would be very popular. So comfortable, warm and enjoyable.
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Blimunda 10 years ago 4
Coconut Milk
Mmm, the milkiest fragrance I have ever tried! It gives the feeling of drinking a warm glass of milk with coconut flavor and a spoonful of sugar! So calming, innocent and gentle.

The most unique coco scent, totally different from all those sun tan lotion smells.

Staying power 4/5

Sillage 4/5
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