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2 months ago - 31.01.2023

The Architects Club

In 1910, the architect Adolf Loos gave a lecture entitled Ornament and Crime.

It wasn't a condemnation of jewel thieves but an attack on the naturalistic flourishes of Art Nouveau buildings.

Loos thought 'the elimination of ornament from useful objects' was the way to go, and this lead to the Form Follows Function school - which praised grain elevators and similar industrial buildings for their straightforward design.

Having lived in New York, Yann Vasnier must have known and perhaps been influenced by modern architecture, for in the Architects Club - as in the Seagram Building - form matches function.

There is no ornamentation, the perfume is a collection of plain surfaces; woody-oily, slightly powdery, bitter-sweet. Not so much glass and steel, or even concrete, but a nuanced woody-plastic that reminds me of Formica - that plasticky laminate of cloth and resin.

It's a minimal, dry-sweet woody scent that doesn't lean on cedar. Instead it uses gaiac & musk, and is all the better for it. It wouldn't surprise me if Richard Rogers wore this.

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