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3 years ago - 28.07.2020
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Puredistance “Gold” – the golden essence

Puredistance has just reminded of itself for the second time this year. Introduced in spring AENOTUS with its surprisingly durable and refreshing note beautifully combined with the summer heat. Autumn brings us a perfume with a completely different character and a very autumnal name. Gold which – as explains Jan Ewoud Vos, the owner and artistic director of the brand – is the last element of the colorful trilogy after Black and White. This perfume is unique in many respects…

Jan Ewoud Vos began working on this perfume in March 2017. He contacted a well-known perfumer who has never worked for Puredistance before. The process of composing Gold lasted over a year, but ultimately none of the proposed versions convinced Jan to publish them. He decided to discontinue work and returned to the subject after a few months, in October 2018 – this time in the company of Antoine Lie. The perfumer who did already many excellent Puredistance perfumes: Black, White, AENOTUS and Warsaw). This time work went very quickly and already in June 2019 the fragrance was ready.

Antoine Lie had complete freedom when selecting the ingredients for this perfume. There was although one condition. They had to be of the highest quality selected without compromise. Just as always in case of Puredistance. Many perfumers would be overwhelmed by such opportunities but Antoine Lie did his job great. The source of exceptional ingredients – L’Atelier Français des Matières – is located in the French Archamps.

The inspiration for the creation of Gold was “Golden Modriaan,” as Jan Eoud Vos calls this cubist graphic. It mainly presents various shades of gold. It reflects the timeless concept of gold elegance that naturally harmonizes with the surroundings. Elegant shades of gold – differing in intensity and warmth – are harmoniously arranged here in a well-balanced pattern.

How does Gold smell? Very adequate for the name. We associate gold with value and wealth and – naturally – with luxury. And this is how Gold smells. Very rich, with excellent ingredients and very saturated (36% of the extract!), which can be clearly smelled. The perfume shimmers with various shades and delights with many layers. In terms of character it is an oriental perfume composed in such a way that it has the characteristics of a perfect unisex. It is a combination of spices (pepper that beautifully opens this fragrance, cinnamon, clove) with a noble jasmine absolute, surrounded by balsams, resins and woods (including labdanum, myrrh, styrax, benzoin) and a culinary accent of vanilla and tonka.

Gold is a type of a fragrance that can be known to anyone who has already encountered luxury perfumery (early Amouage or Roja Parfums), except that its form is here – typical of Lie’s style – compact and modern. The composition is classic, but its character is absolutely contemporary. The fragrance – when it settles on the skin – beautifully projects and gradually transforms into a characteristic signature that appears on the skin several dozen minutes after the application. It is a surprising, great and memorable chord, full of depth. Durability and projection are not subject to discussion here. The former is all-day, the latter is on a balanced but significant level.

Gold wears with great pleasure and a sense of dealing with real luxury. And it is not just an empty slogan. Because really, how else can a perfume smell of luxury if not like Gold ?

Gold impresses and Puredistance once again confirms its unique position on the perfume market – as a truly luxury brand, not going for quality shortcuts and offering the highest fragrance experience. Gold is a scented neoclassical masterpiece. Dealing with such a perfume is the highest pleasure for a connoisseur.

Top notes: green mandarin, bergamot, pink pepper, rosemary, clove

Heart notes: jasmine absolute, cistus absolute, geranium, cinnamon absolute

Base notes: styrax, benzoin, myrrh, patchouli, vanilla, tonka, castoreum, vetiver

Release year: 2019

Nose: Antoine Lie/ Jan Ewoud Vos

My rating: smell: 6.0 / durability: 5.0 / projection: 4.5-> 4.0

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