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1 year ago - 16.02.2023
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A Tribute to Femininity and Rome: The New Feminine Fragrance by Laura Biagiotti

A Tribute to Femininity and Rome: The New Feminine Fragrance by Laura Biagiotti

Laura Biagiotti presents its floral-woody fragrance creation "Roma Fiori Bianchi", which aims to combine timeless elegance and modern freshness.

Created by Nathalie Lorson, the freshness of the fragrance is opened by a nard accord - an essential oil that was very famous in ancient Rome. In the top note, this is surrounded by tangy bergamot and sweet pear. The heart note of the fragrance exudes a floral bouquet of notes of violet, jasmine and gardenia. Essences of white almond round out the heart and finally lead to the warm, woody base note of tonka bean, sandalwood and musk.

Roma Fiori Bianchi
Roma Fiori Bianchi

"Roma Fiori Bianchi"
is a tribute to love, the beauty of Rome and femininity. Inspired by Rome's flair, Italian traditions and modern design art, the new fragrance aims to tell the story of a modern woman who embodies the Italian lifestyle. She lives her life full of passion and is constantly searching for freedom and romance.

With "Roma Fiori Bianchi" the Italian brand wants to pay tribute not only to its history, but also to its first perfume, "Fiori Bianchi", which was launched in 1982. The symbol of timelessness and modernity contrasts with the new freshness and youthfulness that the new fragrance creation is meant to represent.

"Roma Fiori Bianchi" is presented in a delicate shade of pink in a transparent, columnar glass bottle, crowned by a semi-transparent cap with the engraved name "ROMA".

The fragrance is available in bottle sizes of 25 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.

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