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4 months ago - 12.12.2022

“Levitating” - New Invigorating Unisex Fragrance by Floraïku

French brand Floraïku launches an invigorating perfume in a creative bottle for the end of the year: with its spicy and enveloping notes, "Levitation" makes for an engaging fragrance experience.

Like a spicy black tea, the fragrance has a regenerating and calming effect - and thus proves to be the ideal companion for weightless moments in the cold season, according to Floraïku. But also in spring and summer, the perfume is said to spark the same effect as a refrain that you can't get enough of.


The first splashes of "Levitating" spray spicy and invigorating essences of bergamot and tangerine, which give the wearer a feeling of freshness and lightness. The heart note reveals an invigorating symbiosis of intense and spicy notes of black tea, mate and cloves. Sweet vanilla and warm woody notes complete the sweet-gourmand perfume.

"Levitating" is presented in an abstract bottle with flowing patterns and golden lettering, which embodies the effect of the fragrance.

The perfume is available in a bottle size of 50 ml.

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