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8 years ago - 02.10.2015

Fragrant Skincare

Lately, I have noticed that I have become more and more obsessed with Guerlain. I am always looking for their latest perfume and makeup items and my skincare routine is exclusively Guerlain (with an added Estee Lauder scrub here and there).

One of the reasons is that Guerlain is an old company whose perfumes really appeal to my taste. I prefer woody, sweet and gourmand compositions. Although I’ve yet to find a classic Guerlain that I can wear, the new releases have been in my collection for years.

The other reason I like Guerlain is because they really understand the essence of what is beautiful. From packaging to decorations, every item that Guerlain has produced is beautiful to me. Their intricate designs, makeup packaging and even their logo is elegant and luxe. No other brand maintains that distinct classic appeal.

When I get home from a stressful day at work, I immediately raid my skincare collection. I start with Secret de Purete Cleansing Cream, a thick, rich concoction that removes all makeup. (photo via ebay)


It comes in the iconic blue jar with gold top.

I wipe that away with a moist hot towel and apply my one and only essential staple: Super Aqua Lotion. This product has literally changed the quality of my skin: it evens it out, erases blemishes and keeps oil at bay. For those who don’t like toner, try this one as it is unlike any others that I have tried.


(photo via

After the toner dries, I sometimes apply the serum or sometimes just the cream. I use the day cream in the morning, the gel cream after I wash my face after work and the night cream for overnight. Of course, for people with oily skin, it is important to use an eye cream. I like Super Aqua Eye Serum for daytime under my makeup and Orchidee Imperiale eye cream for night as it is richer.


(photo via

Finally, I adore masks and Guerlain has several. There is the Super Aqua Mask that is super hydrating during the day, the Blanc de P.E.R.L.E Sleeping Mask (brings brightness to the face in just one night) and Orchidee Imperiale overnight mask, which is applied with a flat brush.


(photo via Dillards)

One of the most important products that I use is the SPF cream. It is a must for my fair skin, especially in the hot climate of Texas. I used the now-discontinued Super Aqua Triple Protective Shield on my neck and chest and the Orchidee UV Protector on my face. The latter has a sheer tint that is great for evening our the skin tone so I don’t even have to use foundation.


(photo via

The upside of all these products is that they do work (at least for me), making the skin tighter, smoother, less oily, clear from blemishes and brighter. I adore the fragrance as well. The Super Aqua range has a rose scent while Orchidee has the famous orchid scent which also comes in candles and home perfume. It is amazingly relaxing to enjoy skincare that smells like high quality perfume and even though I don’t have sensitive skin, the fragrances has never irritated me.

The drawback, of course, is the price. Guerlain is incredibly expensive and the Orchidee line is almost prohibitive. I have only splurged on the mask and the rest comes from the generous samples I’ve been given by the sales associates I shop with.

Guerlain has captivated me

with its beautiful hues, scents and creams and even though I wish I

could indulge in even more skincare luxuries, I do believe that a great

beauty routine that brings pleasure is important to unwind and relax. I

might save my pennies to buy Guerlain, but it is definitely worth it.

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