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9 years ago - 16.12.2014

Masque Milano Russian Tea: My Current Obsession


(Photo via midnightpoesy)

The cozy times have come.

As the sweltering October heat finally left, Luckyscent created an amazing Fall sample pack that ushered in my favorite season. One of the offerings, and the major reason I ordered the pack, is "Russian Tea" by Masque Milano.

In addition to lovely tea scents like L'Artisan's "Tea for Two" and CB I Hate Perfume's "Russian Caravan Tea," there have been few others which capture the true essence of wet boiled black tea leaves. Of course, for a tea obsessive like me, finding a quality tea scent has been a long road.


There are plenty of green tea perfumes (I am not a fan of the smell nor the drink) and a quantity of spiced, aromatic and candied tea scents (think Five O'Clock au Gingembre). But what of strong black tea, the way it is drunk in Russia and Iran? Sure, we add sugar to it, but it is the powerful aroma of a good unadulterated tea I was looking for. A perfume reminiscent of Czar Nicholas II Royal Tea.

I tell you, my first whiff of Russian Tea from the Luckyscent pack satisfied all those cravings and more.


(Photo via Luckyscent)

This beauty starts with a powerful dose of straight black tea leaves, soaking wet. But right away, there is a leathery, birch tar quality that emerges. You are soaking in a pile of sopping tea leaves when a strong raspberry note joins in. Picture drinking black tea, unsweetened, paired with a small cup of homemade raspberry preserves.


(photo via espemporium)

Of course, I have never experienced mint as a Russian tea addition but here is just a dab of it, freshening and tightening the whole composition. Woody notes bring the masterpiece to a conclusion and ground it.

The Italians who made "Russian Tea" were inspired by a snowy evening in St. Petersburg and that effects stays with you are you wear the perfume. The longevity is intensive and the sillage is crazy so don't spray more than twice. The tea note stays for the whole party while the other notes come and go.

The bottle is translucent glass with a heavy black magnetic glass topper. Well worth the $215.

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