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10 years ago - 10.05.2013

Photos of HRH Emperor Oliver lost in the void...

Are these images deficient in some way? Pray tell!


Here is what I just wrote in the forum about this matter (May 15, 2013):

A few points:

1. Every picture has a story behind it. Why do my pictures all contain HRH Emperor Oliver? Because in 2009 he developed diabetes and suffered a stroke. As a result, I have been unable to travel as is my wont. Instead, I am pretty much chained to my house until The Emperor decides to take leave of this wretched world teeming with haters of all kinds. At that point, I'll be able to travel again and will probably cease writing perfume reviews. The bottom line here: if not for HRH Emperor Oliver, I would not be penning perfume reviews at all.

2. Personal photos are supposed to be personal. That's what the word 'personal' means.

3. Anyone who finds my images disgusting must, by transitivity, find me disgusting. I composed the shots, I selected what to include in the images and how to juxtapose the various elements. Therefore, calling my personal photos disgusting is tantamount to calling me disgusting.

4. Some people hate cats, it is true. Consider the Florida feline serial killer. He killed every cat which he encountered because he delusionally thought that they deserved to die. I suspect that he was grappling with ED or some other serious medical condition (aside from sheer insanity). The question is: is this sort of intolerance supposed to be acceptable?

5. If people find cats "disgusting", there are two plausible explanations. First, they may find them dirty. As anyone can see from the images of HRH Emperor Oliver, whose pristine white fur shimmers in the sun, The Emperor is not dirty. He is clean.

The second way in which someone might find a cat "dirty" is that he finds the image of a cat sexually suggestive. Perhaps cat haters are unaware that most domestic cats have been fixed. This means that they are not having sex with anyone, whether cat or human. Anyone who looks at a cat and sees a sex act or a vibrating dildo needs to have his head examined, IMNHSO

Just a few thoughts....


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