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Looking for a scent

Looking for a scent 8 months ago

Hi all, I know it is a long shot, but I am giving it a try anyway. 

So, there is a scent that I have felt in the early 90's on a bill of Egyptian Pounds. I can't forget this scent, and would really like to find it someone. 

I suppose this is a typical middle eastern scent profile - dry (as in sand), fresh (not a blue/shower gel like freshness), not earthy, NOT incense-like (as in not smoky). It has a slight citrusy quality to it (as lighter frankincense does). It is not a very complex fragrance, and every now and then I still feel it (mostly in Middle Eastern places / around ME people). It is a men's fragrance/note, not incredibly compley and does not seem to be a very niche thing as it comes around every now and then - it has a very easy/light musk like quality to it maybe. Definitely not overly sweet. 

I know it is hard to talk about scents, but if you have a lot of experience around Middle Eastern scent profiles, you might be aware of the most popular profiles and can just propose a place I can start at. Would be really grateful for all suggestions, thank you all!

8 months ago

And I think it is not a fragrance, but more of a base note/ scent profile / a single dominant ingredient. 

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