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Recommend a perfume oil!

Recommend a perfume oil! 7 months ago

I am looking to buy a perfume oil, but most of the ones I've come across have had a very mature scent. I don't have a very specific taste and I like to explore different types of scents, but I am more drawn to fruity or gourmand scents. I would appreciate it if you could share your favourite perfume oils and recommend ones that are good without appearing too mature!

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7 months ago

What have you already tried? Mature can mean lots of things to different people! 

7 months ago

What have you already tried? Mature can mean lots of things to different people! 

To me fragrances that have musk, rose or narcissus smell like an old lady usually. Very floral scents also remind me of my grandma. The oils I have tested are Lattafa Sheikh Al Shuyukh and Ajmal Bakhoor Khas. I have also tried other ones but those are the ones that I can remember the best. Even though those are arabic perfumes, it doesn't matter to me if the perfume oil is arabic or not. 

I am new to perfumes so I am sorry if I can't give you detailed  enough reply Sad

7 months ago

It's okay, don't worry! We all started somewhere 😁

I would recommend Alkemia. They have an Etsy shop that ships to EU, and they have a large panel of scents, especially fruity and gourmand. I would pick their curated by us sample pack, but if you want to pick your samples yourself take a look at the "Luscious Fruits" and "Gourmand" categories. Also, the base oil is kinda sweet already so you can try less gourmand scents and still scratch that sweet itch (vanillas for example). Have fun discovering your tastes!

7 months ago
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