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Others in the US or Los Angeles? Say hi!

Others in the US or Los Angeles? Say hi! 7 months ago 1

Want to know more heads in the area to talk, trade, etc…🧩

7 months ago 4

Hello @MOPzerocool and welcome to Parfumo. 🙂

Allow me to give you a hand of help and i will make an attempt to invite to this thread some members from U.S.A to join in case they are interested and with the intention to creat a mini -inner - american community and i would like to see it happen because i understand how difficult is to feel kind of scattered so it is useful to have someone to communicate who lives in the same country as you. So dear all @Fragrance16 @Rachelg@Hammudas@Gourmandgrl @DrDre10@Embomb  @Oriane@Sopelka  @KathrynA66 and forgive me if i am forgetting someone else (in case some of the mentioned members interact with members i accidentaly forgot please inform them) check this thread in case you are interested in meet other american members. 

Chreers 😉

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7 months ago 1

I think it sound like a good idea!!

7 months ago 1

I'm actually in LA! Would love to meet up/share/trade with other members at some point😊

7 months ago 1

Not in LA but hi from elsewhere in the U.S. 👋🤪

7 months ago

Hi ! Great, hope we can build this.

7 months ago

Im also based in LA and would love to connect with fellow perfumers!

14 days ago

Hi from the San Gabriel Valley! 👋🏾

13 days ago

Hi! Am in the rural midwest northwoods, eh! 

8 days ago

I am in the Bay Area (norcal)! Howdy! I hope you're doing well. I heard there's a fire down there, so stay safe and avoid the smoke!!

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