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What could it be? (2000s)

What could it be? (2000s) 15 days ago

Hi! Im looking for specific perfume since 2020 and still can't find it. Long story short, one man who doesnt want to share what he was wearing, but I know that he was wearing it 20 years ago, so 2004 and before. Scent was amazing, beautiful in meaning something that couldnt be described by someone who's not in fragrances at all, something soft that you wanna smell all day, some kind of wood and flowers, very well blended, smooth, like modern molecules of Musk, sandalwood etc. It was room filler, and sillage was not from this planet. I have never smell as strong as this perfume, and i dont mean It was radioactive and everybody was choking when this man was walking around, but it was so strong that we could smell him from 50ft, seriously. And all i know that it was (probably) something expensive and it was (and its still) his signature scent he dont want to share sadly. Also I know that nee  to be expensive cause he had a friend who would bought it cheaper in sydney. If anyone could help me to find it I would be so grateful Cannot sleep, cause everyday Im spending hours trying to find it. 

Also, I think that would be niche, maybe expensive, cause i didnt smell it ever in local stores like sephora, douglas etc.

, maybe my dream would come true 

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